My New Life

Lexi and Sarah are going to Ireland for 2 months. Both Sarah and Lexi thinks One Direction (Mostly Niall) isn't gonna be there this summer, so they won't see them or bump into them. Sarah loves Niall a lot. But what happens if they meet Niall. Will Lexi start having feelings for Niall and Niall has feelings for Lexi? What will happen between Lexi and Sarah? Would Niall ask Lexi out? What happens when bad memories of their parents, ex-boyfriends, come in her head? Will they try to get them back and hurt them more? Read to find out!


3. Thank The Lord... Or the Principal?

Previously on My New Life...


"I know baby, I do too. but its the last day of school so we can leave. everything behind us. This will get better soon, I promise."

I nodded in agreement.

"I love you Sarah, You know that? I'm here for you no matter what. I couldn't ask for anything better."

"I love you too, here for you no matter what too"

she stood up and held out her hand. I grabbed it and stood up. we walked back to class. when one of the bullies walked in front of us.

Uhhh Ohhh... This couldn't be good...



We stood there all frozen. didn't know what to say...

"hello girls!!" they started punching their hand threatening us. they started moving closer to us, more, and more, and more, and more. until they were right in front of us.

"you think since this is the last day of school you think you'll get away with all this stuff?" they said through their teeth.


"Think again." they both said through their teeth again. then we saw their fist raise.

"This might hurt a little." he said with a smirk. they were getting ready to hit us. then, Lexi started bursting out crying. oh how much I wanted to hug her right now!!! but I was crying too.

"Stay still" they said smirking. He was about to hit us, they we heard someone clear their throat. They stopped and looked to see who it was. they let us go and fall to the ground (A/N, they were holding on to the collar of their shirts if you're wondering).

"Ummmm, hello, Principal Romanoff. We were just-"

"Save it. In my office. NOW!!"

"Yes, sir." They both said at the same time. Then they ran off. I looked over and saw an officer too. Since when was there an officer here?

"You two ladies alright?" the officer said. I nodded my head cause I couldn't talk.

I crawled next to Lexi and held her tight in my arms. rocking back and forth drawing circles on her back. she finally took her hands off her face and hugged me back. I started crying more then. Thank the lord... Or the Principal? OR THE OFFICER? Well he didn't really do anything but stand there. So forget him.

Lexi finally began to calm down. We stood up and went back to the class while the Principal and officer left. Probably going to the office.

We finally reached the room. We paused in front of it. I took a deep breath.

"Ready?" I breathed out. Lexi took a deep breath as well.

"Yeah, ready.." Then we walked in and sat down while everyone was hugging and BLAH BLAH BLAH! Where's the bell when you need it?



How do u like it so far? I really don't know if it's good or not... leave a comment in the comment box. I hope you like it so far. I love ya!! :) :D



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