My New Life

Lexi and Sarah are going to Ireland for 2 months. Both Sarah and Lexi thinks One Direction (Mostly Niall) isn't gonna be there this summer, so they won't see them or bump into them. Sarah loves Niall a lot. But what happens if they meet Niall. Will Lexi start having feelings for Niall and Niall has feelings for Lexi? What will happen between Lexi and Sarah? Would Niall ask Lexi out? What happens when bad memories of their parents, ex-boyfriends, come in her head? Will they try to get them back and hurt them more? Read to find out!


1. Surprising news

Lexi's POV


Sarah, my best friend , asked me. I turned my head towards her to let her know I'm listening.

"So when are you gonna get a boyfriend?"

"I don't know. I mean, I'm only eight-teen and I have a career to depend on."

She went back to eating her ice cream. When we were done, Sarah dropped me off at my place. We said our goodbyes and I watched her as she drove off.

I reached into my purse and grabbed my keys. I opened the door, walked in, lock the door, charged my iPhone 4, changed in to my pajamas, and passed out on the bed.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off. I hit the alarm and it hit the wall. It broke into pieces all over the floor. I needed a new clock anyway.

I went back to sleep. About one minutes later, I heard the sound of keys going into the lock of my front door. I figured it was Sarah because we have each others keys. I was right.


She said in screaming excitedly about something.


I said in a tired voice.

"I have some surprising news!!" 

She screamed even louder. It was hurting my ears. I had to tell her to quiet down. 

"Sarah! Quiet down a little! Please!"

"Okay, sorry bout that."

I went on my twitter, Facebook, etc.

"What were you eager to tell me anyways?

I said remembering why she was here. She hopped on the bed and started talking.

"You, me, Ireland, 2 weeks!"

She blurted out holding out the tickets. I couldn't believe it! I pushed my MacBook Pro to the side and huffed her.

"Okay! YAY!" Explain now."

"We'll my parents gave me 2 tickets for a surprise. Since I was doing good on my grades, and not getting in trouble. They said I can bring someone with. So I picked you obviously."

Sarah was one of those people who didn't get above an 80% on her tests, kept laying in detention, and got into fights. This was a really big surprise."

"That's great Sarah!" 

"You should get ready like, right now. We have school today."


I ran to the bathroom to brush my teeth, hair, and went to go change. I put on a little maskara, lipgloss, and eyeshadow. I didn't put on too much on cause  I don't wear that much makeup. When I was done, Sarah and I went to school.


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