My New Life

Lexi and Sarah are going to Ireland for 2 months. Both Sarah and Lexi thinks One Direction (Mostly Niall) isn't gonna be there this summer, so they won't see them or bump into them. Sarah loves Niall a lot. But what happens if they meet Niall. Will Lexi start having feelings for Niall and Niall has feelings for Lexi? What will happen between Lexi and Sarah? Would Niall ask Lexi out? What happens when bad memories of their parents, ex-boyfriends, come in her head? Will they try to get them back and hurt them more? Read to find out!


2. I'm here for you no matter what

**2 weeks later**


Sarah's P.O.V.


I can't wait 'till later today! Going to Ireland with my best friend ever, Lexi. Today is the last day of school 'till it's officially summer break!!! WOOOH!! Lexi and I have been jumping up and down all day! We couldn't stop talking about it!


"Are you ready, Lex?"


"OH HECK YEAH!! WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM?! MS. STUPID??" she said while smiling ang laughing a little.


"YEESH!! I WAS JUST ASKING MISSY!!" i said making my voice high pitched.


Everyone was signing yearbooks. I wanted to get out of this jail already! I can't wait to leave the bullies! They always called me names, beat me up in the bathroom, thow food at me at lunch. Same with Lexi. But she was just a little worst. Once she got sent to the hospital!!! All the name calling and beat ups, parents, Lexi's ex-boyfriend, i could feel myself holding back tears. I had to get out of here 'till i burst out crying.


"Hey, Lex, im gonna go to the bathroom. k?"


"K. ill be here al usual." she gave me a smile and waved.


i ran to the bathroom and went into the stall and slid down with my hands covering my face. There they are. All the tears full of missery. Why me? What did i do?








Suddently i felt a fist get connected to my face. I was now laying on the cold hard ground (A/N HAHA see what i did there!! XD ) in pain. I soon got kicked in the ribs. i heard something crack, guess i broke a rib.


We were in the living room. were there were window wide open. anyone could see if they wanted to. There was blood all over the floor. He kept punching, and kicking me over and over again.


"MATHEW, NO STOP PLEASE!!!!" But i should've known he wouldn't listen. Then, i got hit with a baseball bat. My vision got blurry. Soon, blackness overcame me.




"I took out my phone. I've been in the bathroom for 20 minutes by now. I heard the door open, followed by footsteps.


"Sarah?! WHERE ARE YOU!!"


"Im-m i-i-in he-re"


suddently the stall door opened. There Lexi was standing in front of me. She looked hurt see me like this. we both hated it when we both got hurt. some of her own hears came down her face. she sat next to me and started talking to me.

"What's wrong baby? tell me, im all ears."


"i know baby, i do too. but its the last day of school so we can leave. everything behind us. This will get better soon, i promise."

i nodded in agreement.

"i love you Sarah, You know that? I'm here for you no matter what. I couldnt ask for anything better."

"i love you too, here for you no matter what too"

she stood up and held out her hand. i grabbed it and stood up. we walked back to class. when one of the bullys walked in front of us.

Uhhh Ohhh... This couldn't be good...



soooo, how do u like it so far?! im so sorry for not uploading!!!!! leave a comment saying how it is so far. i lve all of you. ill update a lot tomorrow probably. cause im going to NC with my BFFL!!!!!! Luv you all soooooooo much!!!! :D

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