Life With Niall

Jaime is in love with Niall Horan, all she wants to do is have a perfect relationship.


1. Chapter One

I put my key into the lock of my front door and turned it over, hearing it click, I opend the door and walked inside. Sighing I sat

down on the couch, and pulled out my phone. One new text message blinked on my front screen. Man, I had just left that boy

and he was already texting me. "You're a good goodnight kisser" I blushed. Niall had just droped me off at my house and we


has shared a romantic kiss on the front lawn before he left me and went back to his car. "It could've been better :)", I quickly

typed back. The converstation would go on like this for the rest of the night if I let it. I turned on the T.V and went to go make

myself a cup of tea. Scanning the shelves I found what I was looking for Twinings Rooibos, my favorite.I fixed myself a cup and

then went back to the couch and started flipping through the chanels. I smiled when one of The Boy's newest interveiws came

on. Even though I was dating Niall I still fan-girled slighty everytime I saw him and the rest of the band on T.v. Fan-girling is

never something you really never grow out of. I desided since I was in the fan-girl mood I would cheack my old twiiter, the one I

dedicated to the boys when I was younger. No one had yet to figure out it was me. I saw a bunch of girls begging to get followed

by Niall and I wanted to make their wish come true. Niall was always loged into his Twitter on my phone so i pulled the app up

and followed a few of the girls. I loved making people happy. Still on Niall's twitter, I saw girls using their follow to make other

girls feel bad and un-followed them. I hatted when people used Niall's follow as a tool. I DMed a few girls before getting off to

take a shower. I got out of the shower to a call from Niall.When I answerd I heard, "Hey, princess. Guess what, I love you" in a

deep Irish acsent. I loved Niall's acsent. It was so beautiful.

 I must have fallin alseep in the middle of the converstation, because I woke up to ton's of text and random pictures from Niall. I

thought about going back to bed when i heard a knock on my door. I opended it up to find a cute blond standing on the other

side. "You didn't tell me you loved me last night on the phone, so I had to come over hear and hear it!" he said. I laughed

and told him I loved him before inviting him in for breakfast.

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