little things

Elena loves one direction and when she meets them in Nando's. She straight away falls in love with Harry styles, but when they have to go away to finish their tour will Harry still be in love with her when they get back


2. after work

                                                                                        Elena's Pov

Harry just asked me if i wanted to go back to their flat after i finish work." yeah sure, i finish in about half a hour, so if you guys want to you can wait here, only if you want though."

"sure while we are waiting can we please order so drinks" Louis was so polite and kind. so were all of them though.

(Half an hour after)

i get my jacket and go over to the boys. harry looks up "so are you ready to go then"

i just nod because i can't find the words to say anything. he makes my heart flutter.


Author's notes

soz about the short chapter make comments 


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