little things

Elena loves one direction and when she meets them in Nando's. She straight away falls in love with Harry styles, but when they have to go away to finish their tour will Harry still be in love with her when they get back


1. Meeting them


                                 Elena's pov

I was off to Nando's(work). I am Elena by the way and this is how i met one direction. I was serving some customers. When all of a sudden one after another walked in one direction I screamed but it was met to be silent. Everyone looked after at even One direction looked at me. OMG Harry styles was walking over to me and then he said " hi I'am Harry and your name is?". Harry spoke to me " My name is ell- ellena".


                                                   Harry's Pov

We walked into Nando's and there was the most beautifull girl i had every seen. Then i walked over to her and asked her what her name was it was Elena. i was going to get to know her because she was amazing. I called the boys over to meet her.



                                                   Louis's Pov

we have just walked into Nando's and harry is all ready chatting up some girl. seriously. then he calls us over. Her name is elena. "hi i'm louis, this is naill, liam and zayn and we are one direction." When i said it she looked at me as if to say "i know who your are i am not stupid". so everyone is talking away then her boss comes over and shouts " elena get back to work now girl" how rude was he. Harry been harry says to her "maybe after you finsh work you can come back to our flat for a bit, i mean if you want  

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