Dear Louis

I'm Keely. I used to love him. I used to. I never thought he'd leave. I never thought that it would come to this. I think a lot of things and I guess he proved to me that what you think, isn't always true. He showed me what it's like to be broken and feel unloved. It's not the first time I just.....I thought he was different. He's not. He's just like all the rest: break me then beg for me to take them back. He's just like them.


1. Fame changed everything

Keely's POV

There he was. Staring back at me with those piercing blue eyes. He didn't know I was here, watching. "So, Louis," the interviewer spoke. Louis flashed his gaze to the half bald headed man in the suit and tie. "What's it like being mobbed by girls everywhere you go?" He chuckled and wiped his lips with his finger. "It's always a bit mad I would say. I don't think it's something we'll ever get used to." Harry started to laugh after he had shoved Niall off the couch and down on the ground. "Is it something you think you have to cope with?" He shook his head. "Nah, they might be crazy but we know they're just fans and excited to see us. It's not something we have to cope with because it just means so much to us to know that they care." My eyes rolled with annoyance. Sometimes I just want to kill him.

"So, have any of you had past or recent girlfriends?" I laughed at what their responses might be. This is gong to be good. "Um, yes I have one. Her name is Danielle," Liam replied with probably the cutest smile I have ever seen when a guy talks about his girlfriend. "I don't have one." Niall raised his hand making me pout. Poor Niall. "Me either. I'm the lone ranger." I laughed at Harry's response and his face that went along with it. "I have a girlfriend," Zayn whined whilst raising his hand to show how let out he felt. "Her name is Perrie and she's from Little Mix." I laughed at how cute he looked. Now here's Louis. How many girls does he have? "Umm, well I had one." My eyes rolled until the name slipped from his mouth. "Her name's Keely. We dated for a while but then I went for X-Factor." The whole crowd let out in 'awww's while my mouth hung open in shock of his response. "Does she still remember you?" He shook his head with sadness filling his perfect blue eyes. "I'd think so but I think she's chosen to forget. After what I did, I wouldn't blame her." BAM...there's the right answer. I wouldn't blame me either.

"Well, maybe you should try to see her again mate. She's all you ever talk about." Louis slapped Harry's arm after blushing red like a newly blooming rose. "That's so very true. I don't think I've heard anything other than, 'Keely is so per-" Liam was cut off by Louis' large hand covering his mouth. I still couldn't move. I was frozen to the spot. Did he still lo-no. That was a long time ago. Yeah like if six months is long. "That sounds like some girl then." Most of the girls in the audience were pissed at hearing Louis' secret crush, which wasn't so much a secret anymore.

I was brought out of my thoughts by my flashing phone. 'Mary' it read across the screen. I answered it still in shock of my previous encounters.

"Hey Mar." She screamed bloody murder on the other line making my ear drum practically burst from my poor ear.

"What do you mean hey?! Louis freaking Tomlinson just admitted his love for you!" I shook my head in dissatisfaction.

"He'll have to do much more than that f he ever wants me back." She groaned in annoyance at me.

"Why are you so stubborn? If the damn boy admits it over TV," she exaggerated TV making me involuntarily. "He loves you! Can't you se that?!" Why is she so annoying.....yet I love her?

"Mary, he has to do way more than tell almost the entire world he loves me," Woah....did I just say that? "He'll have to tell me that because he never has. If he loves me, he has to tell me not everyone else." I hung up, not wanting to hear about her little 'theories anymore'. She can be really annoying, but most of the time she's right which makes it even more annoying.

I guess things can change when you become famous because so far....Louis is not the same person I thought I loved. Obviously...I was wrong. Like always.

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