Harry's Wonderland

After a concert, Harry finds a fanboy who wants to mingle with the group...


1. The Concert

It was a cold night at the concert in Uganda when George was screaming at the stage with his Idols, Onedirection. 

"Get out get out, Get outa my head" They sung with there hearts. 

"Ahhhhh!!" Screamed George as harry blow a kiss to him. "This is amazing" George remarked to his Friend. 

The concert was almost finished now and George was getting ready to go when Harry said "Can you pick my bottle up for me" George Passed Harry the bottle and stroked his baby skin like arm as he passed it to him. "Your skin feels like a baby's forehead..." George told Harry, 

"Thanks?" Harry replied. George quickly took advantage of the moment and snipped a bit of Harry's luscious Brown hair off, He stroked the back of his hair with a flinched and walked off the stage. George quickly bottled it up in a test tube and made off.

Only to what they all thought, He had a plan, A plan to fit his desires of Harry Styles all the way. 

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