Eight Pink Balloons

When Laura loses her life by losing her six year old daughter April in the park one day. She thought her life would never move on. Two years later, Laura is living quite happily according to people with her lovely handsome husband Eric and their gorgeous one year old son Toby. Everyone believes that Laura is living quite happily, that Laura has forgot about losing her daughter, and her grief is gone. But it hasn't. They don't know April is always in Laura mind, and that she can never forget it, because losing a child is the most painful experience for any parent everywhere.


1. Eight Pink Balloons

Laura ties her glossy brown hair in a pony tail, then stares at her reflection in the mirror. Laura walks to the calendar, and tick off the day off, then smiles. Today, was May the second. Today was April birthday.  Today April would have turned eight. Laura wipes a tear that trickles down her face, and tries to smile.


She turns around, her eyes looking for her daughter.

Losing a child was the most painful experience that could ever happened to any parent. Laura fidgeted nervously with her fingers, beads of sweat trickles down her face.

"April!" Laura calls out, her voice echoing around the room, her heart pounded rapidly.

Everywhere she looked she saw or heard April. No one else understood her pain. The pain of losing a child, for everyone else Laura had forgotten about her daughter's disappearance, but she couldn't. How could you forget a child? She tried for Eric's sake to pretend that she had forgotten about it, the last thing she wanted to do is give someone else to grieve too. Laura was a demure women, always quiet about her daughter's disappearance, grieving all alone, all by herself.

"Laura" Eric mumbled.

She walked towards her sleeping husband and kissed his forehead, and then their son Toby's forehead too. Toby looked so much like Eric, the same blonde hair, the same green eyes. April looked like Laura, the same brown hair, the same mud brown eyes. She missed April so much. It was her fault that she had lost April, one minute April was playing on the swings by herself, the next she was gone, her fault, and her's alone.

"Yes honey" She answered, rubbing her eyes.

"Where are you going?" Eric asked, his eyes remained closed, looking jaded

"To the park, don't worry I will be back soon, I have something important to do" Laura whispered to Eric, then walked down stairs.

She  unlocked the door, to be welcomed by a cool breeze of wind. Then trudged off towards the park. Laura opened the rusty gates, and watched young children playing in the park, their parents accompanied them. The sun shined radiantly on her. She looked at the man selling balloons, and walked towards him. The guy had cold steel blue eyes and muddy brown eyes.His streaming white hair, his remarkable face, and the impetuous confidence of his manner, carried him in an instant to the heart of the concourse at the stone. The guy smiled cheerfully at her, probably happy to sell some balloons.

"May I have eight pink balloons" She asked, staring at the watch impatiently.

"Of course Mam, please come more often and buy more balloons" the guy replied, handing her the bunch of pink balloons.

"Thank you" Laura answered, before turning to go.

"Mam may I ask you a question" the balloon seller asked, itching his head, his nails tarnished.

"Of course!" She answered, facing the balloon seller, trifling with the balloon seller's interest in her.

Her eyes stared at the balloon seller's cold steel blue ones.

What was it now?

"Why eight balloons?" the balloon seller asked in a raucous.

"It was for someone I lost" Laura answered, tears brimming in her eyes.

Don't cry Laura, she told herself, she had to be brave. She had to be strong.

"Hmm" the balloon seller sighed sadly.

"I lost my daughter, today she would  have turned eight" Laura whispered, tears brimming in her eye.

"Sorry I didn't mean to cry, why do you let them go?" the balloons seller asked, ratifying the answer.

"That's two questions, and it's because I want to watch those balloons fly, so I know that somewhere my daughter is alive, and that today she would  have been celebrating her birthday. I just want to let whoever took her know, that I haven't given up of getting my daughter back, and that I really miss her lots. That I just want her to return. Do you know something she got lost in this park, two years ago. I miss her" She whispered, tears trickling down her eye.

"I miss her too!" a familiar voice exclaimed.

Laura turned around, and smiled in shock. Their stood her husband Eric, who was carrying their son Toby.

"Eric" She whispered in shock.

"I know" Eric answered, holding Laura's hand tightly, feeling notable about his wife.

"How" She asked in shock.

"I know how much you cry every day at night, you whisper her name at night. I know you hear her voice expecting to see her. I know you have and always will love her very much" Eric replied, gazing at Laura.

She hugged Eric tightly, the tears streaming out of her eyes. She was so lucky to have an understanding husband like Eric.

"Should we do it" Eric asked.

She nodded, the bunch of pink balloons still in her hand. She broke from Eric embrace, and with her other hand gripped Eric hand tightly. She took a deep breath, her heart tightened. She let go of the balloons and watched them float above in the air, and let out a single tear. Laura knew that somewhere her daughter would be looking at the balloons with interest and know that their was someone out there who loved her. She looked above and smiled at what she saw.

Eight pink balloons.

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