Lock And Key

Levana's brother leaves, he doesn't tell why or where, but her protector just up and leaves her to be beaten and hurt by their mother. He father tries to protect her but he loves her mother to much. When her brother final comes home.......it is to late......


7. Time Together (Mom, It's a progect)

Levana went to school everyday that week and only got beat twice more, her mother was growing more and more carless. Hitting her face and whatnot. Mr. J did partner up Levana and Kane, at their request of course. They were assigned Medieval Africa, or more direct, Gold and Salt mining in Medieval Africa.

On Friday Kane went home with Levana so they could work. Her mom was home on Fridays. They walked inside the house. "Mom?" Levana called out. Her mother came from up stairs. "What? Who is that?" She pointed at Kane. "Mom, this is Kane, we're working on a project together, we need to use the computer. The end of year project. I hope you don't mind." In fact she did, lately she had slowly becoming more and more rebellious.

Her mom glared at Kane as Levana led him up the stairs to her room. She had her own laptop. Shutting the door behind her she let out a breath. She looked at Kane, he looked so weird in her room. She has seen him in their before, a few nights ago he had climbed up the wall and the roof into her bedroom window so they could spend the night together. It was so romantic. He wasn't pushing her, or crowding her. He gave her space. He.....he loved her.


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