Lock And Key

Levana's brother leaves, he doesn't tell why or where, but her protector just up and leaves her to be beaten and hurt by their mother. He father tries to protect her but he loves her mother to much. When her brother final comes home.......it is to late......


3. School

Levana left for school before her mother woke up and Daddy set her on her way with a kiss to the crow of her head. "Veni, Vidi, Asinus Calce." She whispered on the walk to school. It was Monday. What was she going to tell her friends? That she fell? No, to used.

As she walked into the open doors of the school the principal stopped her "Levana, what happened? Are you ok?" The principal was a nice old lady, with white hair and glasses. Her name was Ms.Alcaris, we don't know her first name, I think it is Jane. I answer slowly "I....um.....fell down .....the stairs....I'm a real klutz." I smiled but she frowned, she new I was no klutz but she let it go.

I put what I don't need in my locker and head to homeroom. Mr. Jamenos is my History and Homeroom teacher, I have history and then Art with Mrs. Henderson. Mr. J took one look at my face, flinched and asked "Why are you here so early Levana? And if it is not prying.....what happened?" I look at him as I take my seat, I shrug. "I wanted to see the early morning sky and the stairs came up and tripped me so I fell down, it was not fun and it isn't as bad as it looks." He nods and turns to his computer, slowly kids flow in in two's and three's. My friend Ion Gravefree steps into homeroom, sees my face and his jaw drops. "Girl what happened to your face?" I shrug and write on a piece of paper 'You know how she can be.....' He tsks me and takes a closer look, he cringes and says "She hit you hard, didn't she?" I nod and shush him.......

Before the bell rings and he has to go to his seat I tell him "She did it because Rodger left........she took it out on me." A few tears fall as the notorious rich kid bully Kane Dermutt swaggers over.


His crony's, Stupid and Stupider, fallow. He says "What is our little baby girl crying for? Did Gay-Boy over here break your heart?" Ion looks away, shammed. He isn't gay but he is bisexual. I say "Listen, Muttley, I am in no mood to deal with you and your shit spuming friends. So....go away before I make you."


He grunts in surprise, usually just told him to sod off. His friends snicker. "Oh, shut up." He tells them, they do. His brown eyes flash with anger. "How did baby girl get hurt? Did daddy get sick of your pretty face? I know I got sick of your mothers." Again Stupid and Stupider laugh, but Ion sucks in a breath. I am speechless. That it far to close to home......I stand as tall as I can, two inches shorter that Kane. His friends ohh and I crack my knuckles. Kane smiles at me. "Well. No. I got this from a kid twice your size when I beat the shit out of him. He cried for his mommy like a little girl lost in Market Basket." I tilt my head, like a curious dog. "Will you cry for your mommy, or stupid's?" I turn to sit down but swivel back to say "To bad your dad didn't yell when I fucked him over. You should fallow his lead and do as I say." I sit down and everyone ohh's and snickers.

He is turning purple and the bell rings. Mr. Jamenos walks over "Hey, what is going over here? Get to class, go, shoo." He turns to me. I smile innocently and he mutters something like "Girls, Boys, Hormones...." Me and Ion share and look and burst out laughing as Antonia Cholena, my female bestie runs in. "OHMEGEE!!! Is it true? You threatened to beat up Kane? He is hot but mean, you know? OHMG! What happened to your face? My mom took me shopping, do you like this skirt? She bout it for me. Did you do the homework for English? Ion, buddy. How was your weekend? Lev, tell me girl, what did you do?"


She stops to take a breath and I tell her "Tony, take a breath and calm down. I might have threatened to beat the shit out of Kane, yes. I will tell you later what happened to my face. I love the skirt, it is very nice on you. The guys, especially Antony will be falling over each other to get to you. I did the homework, yes and I did nothing. How was you weekend?" She gushed when I said Antony. She was in love with him, he was second cutest to Kane(Yes, the jacking off ass). But he was shy around Antonia's.......overwhelming personality.

Ion and I tried to set them up but Antony is to shy and Antonia is to overbearing. She talks really fast, wears odd clothing and would jump off a bridge if given the chance. I love her but she is over the top. She changed her hair color resently......it is now purple and green. Very bright colors. She often wears skirts with different stockings. On each leg. Ion is calm and helps us with advice on guys. He has his eye set on clothing and helping us, he doesn't have a crush.

Levana sat between Ion and Tony in History. When Mr. J turned to write on the board Ion leaned over to drop a note. It said in his neat hand writing; "Thank you for that, protecting me." Smiling Levana wrote back "No problem. I am in the mood for a good fight." She sent the note back to his desk. Tony leaned over and asked "What are you doing?" Levana said back "Talking."

Mr. Jamenos turned around and told them "Fallow the directions on the board, work in small groups, quietly." He walked over to his desk.

Kane was in their history class. Slowly he walked over to them. Ion and Tony watched as Kane stood nervously behind Levana. Turning around to look at him Levana asked "Muttley, what do you want know? To exchange insults?" Kane shook his head. "Uh. No. I was wondering if, uh, we, us, could, ah, work together? I heard you were good at this stuff..." He takes a deep breath. "I need some help...your help....please?" Ion muttered "Help in the head." Tony kicked him and he yelped.

Kane gave her a pleading look. Tony was shocked into silence, and Ion was glaring silently at Kane. Levana stood, stretched like a cat and told him. "Ok." She lead him to a few empty desks in the corner. Kane was just as shocked as Ion and Tony.

For a while Kane and Levana worked in silence, unless Kane asked for help. Finally Levana could not take it. Throwing down her pen she asked "Why did you ask for my help when under an hour ago I insulted you.....and your dad?" Kane looks at her with his deep brown eyes, and in those eyes Levana sees something she cant, no, something she wont name.

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