Lock And Key

Levana's brother leaves, he doesn't tell why or where, but her protector just up and leaves her to be beaten and hurt by their mother. He father tries to protect her but he loves her mother to much. When her brother final comes home.......it is to late......


1. Prologue

Rodger looked down at his sister sadly. He had to leave. Levana looked up through tear filled eyes. "I'm sorry, sweet, but this is something I need to do alone. I will come back and take you away from her, I promise. Be good for dad, Levana." He bends down and kisses the crown of her head. He turns and walks down the steps, leaving her their alone. She stands, letting no tears fall.

As the darkness fell Levana yelled to the stars "I HATE YOU!" She fell to her knees and asked repeatedly "Why?" until her father came and pulled her inside their house........He never comes home to save her........until it is to late.....

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