Lock And Key

Levana's brother leaves, he doesn't tell why or where, but her protector just up and leaves her to be beaten and hurt by their mother. He father tries to protect her but he loves her mother to much. When her brother final comes home.......it is to late......


5. Pain and No Gain (Cuts and Bruses)

Levana walks beside Kane up the hill, in his shirt. After they had kissed Kane had pulled away and said they should leave, he gave her his shirt because hers was wet......he didn't want to be tempted.


When they reach Levana's house she stops and asks "Want to walk to school tomorrow?"


He nods and tells her. "I will be here at 9 sharp. Have a nice night." He turns away, but Levana stops him by saying quietly "Wait." He stops and turns his head. "Will you kiss me good night?" She bites her lip nervously. Slowly Kane turns fully towards her, he tells her sadly "I don't want to over step my bounds. I am sorry, but no. I will not kiss you good-night." But he walks closer, he stops in front of her and leans close. He gently places his lips to her forehead. He leans away and backs up. "Sweet dreams, Leva." She stands for a moment then walks, dazed, into the house. She stops when she reaches the stairs and lets out a whoop.

Her dad walks in from the kitchen with a towel in his hands. "Hi, sweetie, who was that boy? Your mom is staying late at work, thank god, other wise you would have been in big trouble, get to your chores."

"That was Kane. We hung out a bit down at the river in the woods. It was....nice. Okay, chores. Let me get changed into dry clothing first." She runs up to her room and puts on sweat pants and a loose T-shirt, she carefully folds Kane's red shirt and places it on her bed. "I have to return it." She whisperers and giggles. She heads down the stairs and grabs some window cleaner and paper towels.  Before I clean the windows I pull out my purple IPod. I put in my yellow ear buds and turn on my music. Mm, good stuff. I start cleaning the windows carefully, mom is a complete bitch when it comes to my chores.

I take out the trash, clean out the sink and vacuum. I yawn as I lean against the wall next to the vacuum. Daddy comes over to her and pats her shoulder. "Go get homework done, dinner in an hour. If mom gets home that is." Tiredly Levana walked up the stairs.

When she saw Kane's shirt she smiled and picked it up. Sitting on her bed she frowned at the days events. How had they gone from trying to ripe one another apart to kissing? They had exchanged secrets, secrets so deep that the scars would last a life time, and longer.

Taking out a notebook, a locked notebook, she dated the page and began to write. She proceeded as such;

Monday June, 7 2013

Today me and Muttley kissed. Yes, Me and Kane Dermutt kissed. He is really nice and romantic. How did that get started? you might ask, well, History first block with Kane, stupid and stupider, Antonia, and Ion. Me and Kane exchanged insults and what not. After though, he asked to work with me. He asked about the marks on my face. Mom had gotten careless and hit my face, bruises. I told him, I don't know why but I did......his  step-brother rapped him. We went to a river in the forest over the hill after school and talked, then he took his shirt off (man is he hot.....whoa) and jumped in, I joined him and he asked if he could kiss me, we kissed and then he brought me home. It was amazing. I had always thought that Dad and Ion were the only guys I could really talk to, well, I was wrong and for once I am happy to be wrong.

But, I think I might be falling, and when I say falling I mean faster than gravity, for Kane. Faster and harder than is scientifically possible, I only hope he falls the same way.

Quote of the day; "Never give someone your heart unless you know they have returned the gesture."


She sat on her bed for a few more minuets, thinking. Then she stood and got down to homework. She herd the door slam a bit later and flinched, reaching up to place a hand over her face. He father called up the stairs "Levana, dinner." She ran down the stairs and helped him with the food, her mother had gone to change into out-of-work-clothing. They ate in silence.

Until "How was your day at school?" He mother asked.

"Oh, well, I worked in history on a project, the leading to the big end of year assignment. We worked in the groups we will for later and Kane Dermutt is my partner. is it ok if we meet at his place, and here, off and on?" Slowly mom nodded. "Yes, it is fine. What will you be looking at?" Levana shrugs and tells her. "Don't know, Mr. J let us make the groups but we cant decide what to study, he tells us that."

After dinner Levana dose the dishes while her parents talk. When she finishes she heads up stairs and sees her phone has a message, she isn't supposed to use the phone at night. Still, Levana walks back down the stairs and picks up her cell. She quickly reads the text from Tony. Ion got 'talked to' by some jocks, what is with them? She is texting a reply when her mother comes from the dinning room. SHIT! Is Levana's thought right before the fist strikes her in the back.

her mother beats her until she is sick of it, like always.....Levana leaves herself again. When her mother stops she stands, unsteadily, and walks up the stairs wobbly. In her house the saying "No pain, No Gain" Is wrong. Totally wrong. Pain is the only sign of affection from her mother, she can disappear in pain and.........No gain. Nothing is ever gained from the pain brought on by the hits and crys her mother causes.

Levana falls onto her bed and whimpers. Her face, ribs, everything is sore. She gets up and walks into her bathroom. Stripping in front of a floor length mirror she is socked at what she sees.

Her face; Any color from purple to yellow to black, she can't see from one eye.

Her Torso and chest; covered in scars and is many colors from the resent beatings. Slowly she feels her chest, and winces, cracked ribs.

Her legs; not as bad but still darker in some spots.

Her soul; cut and bleeding

Her mind; Just as bad as her soul, fragile and soft.

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