Lock And Key

Levana's brother leaves, he doesn't tell why or where, but her protector just up and leaves her to be beaten and hurt by their mother. He father tries to protect her but he loves her mother to much. When her brother final comes home.......it is to late......


2. Hits & Cries

Levana cowered in her closet while her father tried to calm her mother. When her mom came home to find Rodger gone she had gone into a fit.

She blamed me, but it was her. She made him leave. Why? She drank, smoked and when she went into a fit she hit us, she beat us. Mainly me but Rodger and Daddy hide me so she took it out on Rodger. Some times she found me.

She would hit us so no one saw, if I told it would be worse.

I hear her getting closer, my father trying to calm her still. She retches the door open and pulls me out, I let out a strangled yelp. She slaps me into silence. Daddy watches from the doorway, he never tried to stop her when it happened, before he would try to stop, after he would sooth me and keep me from Mom. Rodger always would try to stop her, but he would get hit and then Daddy would hold him back. I never cried out, not once. I learned long ago to take my mind away from what was happening.

I think about what Rodger might be doing......Who he might be with..........



I came back to myself when mom left, when she got sick of hitting me. Suddenly, the blows stopped. "I need a drink." I slid to the floor. Daddy comes in to the room when mom leaves. He hugs me close and whispers "It's ok, shh, she is gone, shh. I will go get some ice, ok?" He try's to stand but I fist my hands in his shirt and finally, after years, I let tears fall freely from down my face. Sobs rack my frame. He picks me up and sets me on my twin sized bed. He untangles my fists from his shirt.

He stands and leaves. I curl up around a pillow. I sob uncontrollably into it, tears stain the pillows casing. Daddy comes back with a damp washcloth, he gently turns my head and flinches. He wipes my face clean. Gently, oh so gently, he places an ice pack on where mom hit me the most. My ribs and higher abdomen. I felt like I was going to puck. I jump up and run to the bathroom. I drop to my knees in front of the toilet and my stomach empties it self into the white bowl. Daddy runs after me and holds my hair.

He calls it beautiful hair, long and dark. It is a shade darker than moms, Daddy's hair is whitening, he was blonde. I hate my hair. Mom keeps hers short.......for her job.......I keep mine long......so it is mine. I have the same color eyes as my daddy.


His eyes are amazing, his doctor wants them. A group of scientist came an interviewed him, Mom had me locked in my room. They asked about me since Rodger has another rare color-black-they wanted to see my eyes, but mom said I was at a friends. I wasn't. My daddy has two color eyes, they amaze me. One eye-his right-is a hard grey, like clouds after a scary storm only hard and scary looking. His other eye-the left one-is a kind of blue-green, it is 'as clear as the Caribbean, and as sharp as a crystal.'  I heard one of the scientist say that real loud. It is green right near the pupil, and gets bluer and bluer the father out you go. I like that one the best......it has a kindness I rarely see.

My eyes are like his, only opposite. My green one is on my right, and my hard grey one is my left. When I glare at people they cringe and say 'Her ghost eye is lightning up, calling a ghost to kill for her'. I don't have a 'ghost eye' I have a hard grey. I would rather have a melting grey, a kind grey. Mom has yellowy-brown eyes, like Shit.

I finally finish pucking my lunch and dinner up I rest my head on the rim. It is cold. Daddy asks "Ok? Psyche, are you ok now? You shouldn't go to school tomorrow, Beckah hit your face..........it will bruise badly. Do you want to got to school tomorrow?" I look him in the eye and say "I will go, I will see, I will kick ass. Veni, Vidi, Asinus Calce." Daddy laughs and pats my head. "Good girl. You will kick ass."

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