Lock And Key

Levana's brother leaves, he doesn't tell why or where, but her protector just up and leaves her to be beaten and hurt by their mother. He father tries to protect her but he loves her mother to much. When her brother final comes home.......it is to late......


8. Flames (Smoke and Mirrors)

Levana woke up to screaming. Sitting up she listened for a moment, it was sirens. Where? Down the street......Kane's! Jumping out of bed she threw on jeans and changed her shirt for a clean sweatshirt. Running to the door, she found it Locked. No! Her mom........what had she done! "MOM!!! DAD!!! OPEN THE DOOR, SOMETHING IS WRONG!!!" No one answered. She ran to the window. It was unlocked but she had never jumped from the roof.

She climbed out onto the cold shingles. Shivering she crawled to the edge and climbed down just like Kane did. She ran down the street, their were Flames everywhere. And Smoke, what happened? She ran as fast as she could to his house, it was up in flames.

"KANE!!!" She yelled but was blocked by a large man in a fire suit. "Who are you?" He asked. "I'm Kane's girlfriend, I live down the street, is Kane ok?" She was so worried. Over the last month they had become really close.

The fireman shook his head. "Sorry, no children were in the house."



Levana sat up covered in sweat, she could smell the smoke. Looking around she remembered her dream. Smoke filtered under her door, no alarms were sounding. She went to the door and felt it, hot. She grabbed a shirt and tried the nob. Locked.

No. She ran to the window, she couldn't open it, and this wasn't a dream. "HELP! SOMEONE HELP!!!" Levana started coughing and went to find something heavy. She tried hitting it with a bunch of things, but the window would not break. She started coughing again and sat down, she was loosing strength. Then, she heard yelling.


It sounded muffled, like through a mask. Coughing once more and letting out a weak "Help." She passed out....

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