The Unexpected ( Justin Bieber Fanfic)


2. Two

We were the last people in line to meet Justin and Sarah couldn't contain her excitement. " Oh my god! I can't believe we are going to meet him! What side should I go for?" I laughed as she turned her head both ways pouting. We watched as the girl in front of us walked up.Took a picture.Left. I noticed Sarah frowning when she realised we wouldn't get to speak to him for long. " Hey I see you got the passes" Justin smiled, making my heart melt. We took a picture of us three before Sarahs phone buzzed in her pocket." My dads waiting outside, do you want a ride home?" she asked . Shaking my head I answered "My mum will be on her way the now" I gave her a hug before she walked off. I turned round to Justin, " I should probably go and wait" I smiled before turning to walk away." Grabbing my arm Justin spun me round to face him." I didn't catch your name?" he smiled." It's Vanessa, you can call me Ness" I replied."We have time to take more pictures if you want??" I nodded as we took more pictures, my favourite was one of me on his back as we pulled funny faces.I jumped off his back before I took my phone out of my pocket. 1 new message. " That's my mum here, goodbye" I waved before he stopped me." No hug?" he said before stretching his arms out, embracing me in a hug. " Thank you for everything " I looked up at him. " Anytime, I'll see you later" he grinned before letting me go. I got into the back of the car before my mum drove off. I looked at the picture of me and him on my phone and smiled."How was it?? Where did the flowers come from?" my mum asked. " it was amazing mum, I got to meet him and I was the one less lonely girl, thank you".
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