The Unexpected ( Justin Bieber Fanfic)


3. Three

" You need to tell me what happened after I left!" Sarah exclaimed as she plopped herself down on my bed. " Nothing did, we just took more pictures" I shrugged. " I think he liked you" she sing sang pointing her finger at me. I couldn't help but laugh as I shook my head " Let's be serious" I looked at her. I wasn't the prettiest of girls, I had orange hair, blue eyes and a strong scottish accent. " Welll.. I was looking on the internet and none of the other one less lonely girls got passes like you did." she grinned satisfied with her conclusion." That doesn't mean anything,plus,I'm never going to meet him again" I shrugged, smiling at her. " I'm going shopping later do you wanna come??". " I can't ive got to babysit my sister maybe next time" Sarah replied. I nodded before she walked out the door and down the path. I walked into the shopping centre about to go for something to eat when I was knocked to the floor. "I'm sorry,let me help you pick everything up". I sighed before helping the stranger pick up my bag and all the spilled contents before I stood erect to find myself staring into a pair of very familiar brown eyes. "Ness?" he smiled, handing me my bag. " Hey, I never thought I would see you again" I laughed. " Here I am , do you wa-" " - There he is!" I looked around Justin to see a bunch of girls headed our way. " Follow me" I grabbed his hand before running into my mums shop. The bakery smelled of fresh sponge cake and icing." Mum,can me and Justin go upstairs for a while? Thanks" I ran up stairs before my mum could say no. "Make yourself at home" I gestured around me before pulling out my laptop." Is this your house??" I shook my head " We just use it when my mum has to work late on a cake" Justin nodded before sitting down next to me. " I like your screensaver" he winked nodding his head at the picture of me and him. I tightly shut the laptop, blushing. I got up and put a film on before getting munchies and sitting next to Justin. This could be a long wait.
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