The Unexpected ( Justin Bieber Fanfic)


1. One

" I actually can't believe this is happening right now!" I screamed to my best friend Sarah over the noise of about a million screaming fans. " Neither can I!!" we put our focus back on the amazing Justin Bieber just before I felt a tap on my shoulder. " Would you like to be the one less lonely girl?!?" a woman just taller than me asked. What sort of question was this? " Yes! Of course!" she grabbed my hand and pulled me alog and through the back doors." Wait her the guys will come and get you" m palms were sweaty and my throat was dry, my heart beat accelerated. The doors opened and two dancers met me before taking my hands and leading me to the big chair when I seen Justin my heart battered in my chest it was like a dream that I didn't want to wake up from! He came over and placed the crown on my head before handing me a bouquet of roses. I sang along with him as he serenaded me on the stage once he finished he leant down to my ear." Look inside the flowers" he smiled before walking off leavin me bewildered as I wa lead back to Sarah I looked in the flowers and found two backstage passes. " Oh my god! Ness!" I smiled at Sarah before looking back up at Justin who smiled at me before starting his next song.
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