The Unexpected ( Justin Bieber Fanfic)


4. Four

" Thank you" Justin hugged me as we walked to his car." Let me take you out for dinner, to make it up to you?" he asked smiling. I nodded as he sat in his car." I'll pick you up at eight" he grinned and with that he drove away. I curled my hair before putting on a cream dress and black heels. Twirling in the mirror I heard a car pull up outside. Justin looked amazing! He had on a pair of black trousers with a White shirt and black hat tipped at the back of his head I smiled before my mum called me downstairs. I grabbed my bag before heading downstairs. " You look great" I smiled up at him. " You too" he replied before leading me out the door. I closed it behind me before turning around to see Justin holding the car door open. I smiled before sitting myself down as he shut the door. We arrived at one of the poshest places in town as Justin pulled the door open allowing me to walk through we were met by an excited girl. "Hey guys, we have your table ready over here" she leadthe way over to a table at the window where we could see the amazing lights of Edinburgh castle. I looked in awe before a menu was placed down in front of me, we ordered our food before I spoke." You didn't have to do this you know" he shook his head "I did. You practically saved me out there" he laughed before taking a bite of his food. I smed before I started to eat my own as me and Justin talked about everything.
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