FineShride Riptides!

Rebecca a saviour of the Fineshride, seeks the support from the many more survivors to come. As faith is there path, it makes choices along with devious decisions for Rebecca and her party. The madness is far more powerful than ever before, as Rebecca reminds herself true names with codes.

Fineshride has formed riptides all over the world. Each person that dies, there is a true mystery behind who holds the counts and who holds the codes. It's insanity at it's best - Thriller 2013 - Science Fiction.

- Written By: LJRV - Luke -


6. Chapter 5: Relationships

Chapter 5: Relationships

“Lizzy, I think that you need to conquer those fears of yours”

“I don’t have any fears, just regression on what we are about to do”

The woman was certainly closer; we had reached the brief point. Just as we had reached her, I heard loud sounds from those beasts. The ear piercing sounds they make are horrible; enough to stun a person if they are too close.

“Lizzy, get back... we need to be careful”

“Rebecca, was that what I think it was?”

Lizzy definitely had fear in her eyes; even her sudden shaking made it plain obvious. Her heels were moving side to side instantly, at quite a fast speed. I looked at her chest, and then checked the heart monitor. Yep, she was scared; yet it was picking up several other readings.

“Rebecca, we can save that woman; we can save her now. She needs to be safe remember”

“Lizzy, we can’t just go in there; we have no readings on what else is here”

“Well I think that we can turn back, leave her; she is insane to still be sitting there in the corner”

As I turned around, debris had collapsed; slowly blocking our exit path. It was too late to go back, either way we go in there or we sit here like ducks.

“Rebecca, look what happened. We are now trapped in this mad place”

“Lizzy, if you just calmed down; I could figure out some kind of plan to escape this, along with possibly saving the woman”

“No! I can’t just keep switching between locations, it’s too stupid. The way I see it, saving her is blood loss”.

I was about to reply to her very mean response. Yet I heard another voice; this one too sounded familiar. Even footsteps behind us were starting to freak me out, either way; something is out to get us. I just weren’t too sure at the time on what the heck is following us so quickly.

“Lizzy, just hand me the weapon; I can break us out of this”

“Like I said before; blood loss...”

“Hello guys... so nice of you to join us in this enclosed area”

I could not believe the man standing in front of us. It was a shock to see Kevin down here, I can’t believe the whole party would fall down here on purpose. It was a small crevice, not everyone would be walking in the exact same straight path.

“Oh my god Kevin, you’re alive? How did you find us?”

“I didn’t, I found someone... Not you guys”

“What do you mean someone? Do we not mean anything to you Kevin?!”

“You mean a lot to me, yet Sarah here seems to be the code cracker. Isn’t that strange”

From the movement of Kevin, it was obvious he had lost the plot; I wanted to warn Lizzy. Yet dealing with this situation just reminds me of failing to negotiate with my father. He went insane as soon as mother had decided that it was the right time to run away. He hated people who abandoned him with a little note; he despised many people who would let him rot in a empty room.

“Wait Kevin Hun, who’s Sarah?”

“This is Sarah, she seems to be giving me a code; isn’t that great! I think it’s the code to this place’s exit, maybe we can leave just like the fairy tales right?”

Kevin’s left eye started to switch, it became more obvious. Lizzy still thought he was sane, yet she needed to know what was wrong with him. I can’t keep a dirty little secret forever. It would be too insane of me to make white lies to people. Especially people I love, even if they aren’t family. They are close enough to what family can be.

Kevin standing next to a woman who appears to be Sarah, yet she looked pretty bruised. When Kevin stepped out the way of our view, we could see that Sarah was tied to the chair. Lizzy may or may not have noticed it, yet she noticed something.

“Kevin, why are you hurting this woman?”

“Hurting? No... You see it’s all a code, a big wonderful code. It may lead to what is hiding from us; I wanted to know the purpose! The real reason why everyone is fighting to survive, these creatures answered my calling. I like to call them true heroes’ because that is what they are to me!”

Sarah looked really uncomfortable; I wanted to just dive in for her; save her quickly. Without anyone getting hurt, yet Kevin seemed to have really lost it. Not even Lizzy could understand the words he was using. Lizzy seemed to hold the knife aiming it at Kevin.

“You’re sick, really sick; why else would you accept a calling from such savage creatures!”

“Sarah is not just going to be our saviour; she is also going to be the key to our survival”

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