FineShride Riptides!

Rebecca a saviour of the Fineshride, seeks the support from the many more survivors to come. As faith is there path, it makes choices along with devious decisions for Rebecca and her party. The madness is far more powerful than ever before, as Rebecca reminds herself true names with codes.

Fineshride has formed riptides all over the world. Each person that dies, there is a true mystery behind who holds the counts and who holds the codes. It's insanity at it's best - Thriller 2013 - Science Fiction.

- Written By: LJRV - Luke -


4. Chapter 3: Moving On...

Chapter 3: Moving On...

“Wait up! You guys! Wait up!”

I shouted through that narrow cave, hoping for an answer. The screams of Stanley’s death were so silent. Who could have known, such slaughter could go so unappreciated. The rest of my party seemed to of gotten away, I hope so at least. Those Krakens have most likely taken Stanley down into the riptides; whatever is upon that is beyond me. As I go further into the cave, spelunking deeper and deeper into this hell hole. I can hear a voice, calling out from somewhere.

“Help me! Please is anybody there!”

The voice seemed pretty close, yet these were no entrances beyond this point. As the voice echoed in the cave, I could feel a chill go down my spine. There were a few scraps down here, more broken down vehicles too; seems like a lot of civilians were in a hurry. Collision with most of them, it was sort of hard to miss; especially in dark circumstances.

“Hello! I can hear you; where are you?!”

“Beyond the walls; I don’t know where I am though...”

Since I was closer to the voice; I could instantly notice that it was a female. Her voice still echoed in the cave; if she doesn’t keep her voice down, we may not get out here alive. This was dreadful; as the caves looped around to another exit; it was difficult to guess where the voice was actually located. Tapping on walls seemed like a bright idea at the time; it was less noisy.

Help! I can’t take it down here! It’s horrible!”

Her voice did start to irritate me; yet I stayed strong thanks to a memory of Stanley’s words. This woman seemed to be lost; yet she has no idea where she is. I just hope she knows some kind of way in, out is not a problem. As I proceeded further near where I thought I had heard her voice. Some of the debris started to slide down towards some kind of crevice. It was certainly a small crevice, yet it was still something not to be happy about; I just hoped that it was safer down there.

“Hello? If you can hear me, please don’t shout. You attract the beasts”

“I can only hear what I want to hear, I can only hear what I want to hear”

Her response was very random; yet my theory was that this woman has lost sanity. I just hope she can trust me, even if something goes wrong. The moist walls were covered in dust. Most of the floor was unclear; I could not see the path very well. Too dark to even follow through; I tried to make my way down, yet it got more dangerous the further I went.

“Rebecca! Is that you?”

Another voice, only this one, sounded familiar. As I went a little deeper, I had found a figure just shaking near the walls. I could have sworn I heard another female voice; I went towards her; it was a risk worth taking. Even if death departs us; I still want to make sure everyone is okay. Old bottle caps were laid against the corners. I tried to understand why someone would line bottle caps up.

“Rebecca? Oh my god, it is you! Rebecca, the others...”

“Yes, it’s me; are you okay Lizzy?”

She looked horrified; my guess was that she had seen the beasts. Lizzy was the only one in the party who hadn’t of seen the murderers; the blood thirsty Krakens. I offered her my hand, hoping she would accept it; at least I was sort of regrouping with the remaining party.

“Rebecca, I saw them! I saw those twisted creatures”

“Keep the noise down a little, I know; they managed to take down Stanley”

“We can’t just wait around here, they have already killed...”

“What? What do you mean Lizzy?”

I never like the word kill; it was a threat to my family. Those Krakens sure know how to deliver a powerful sentence, even if it’s just a short word. After trying to keep Lizzy from shaking, I could not help notice that her heart rate was rising pretty quickly. Thanks to my heart monitor; It was so I could track my party down originally; each beat represents a word. Yet no-body else understood this device. Father taught it me; it’s been pretty useful so far.

“Me and the party came down here, Kevin got into an argument with some woman”

“Wait? What woman? I heard a woman calling for help on my down here”

“I don’t know Rebecca, if only you had been here at the time, you could have done something”

“Yeah... just like how you could have been there for Stanley”

Lizzy did not like the way I responded to her; she pushed me into the wall. Thankfully it was not a forced push; it was more of a nudge, I got the hint that she didn’t trust me anyway. Even her heart rate is telling the truth. Yet she is lying to me about something. I can sense it, I know it...

“Lizzy wait up! You can’t just run away like that!”

“Rebecca, Kevin is gone okay! Don’t tell me to calm down!”

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