FineShride Riptides!

Rebecca a saviour of the Fineshride, seeks the support from the many more survivors to come. As faith is there path, it makes choices along with devious decisions for Rebecca and her party. The madness is far more powerful than ever before, as Rebecca reminds herself true names with codes.

Fineshride has formed riptides all over the world. Each person that dies, there is a true mystery behind who holds the counts and who holds the codes. It's insanity at it's best - Thriller 2013 - Science Fiction.

- Written By: LJRV - Luke -


3. Chapter 2: The Encampment

Chapter 2: The Encampment

“Listen, I know that we have come far, too far to be honest”

“Well, we are going to have to keep Kevin on lockdown”

Seems that the sergeant wants Kevin on lockdown, I can’t believe insanity is getting to him. If only I knew what was going through his head at the time; I could done something. Most of resources left over, were mainly just scraps. We found a few valuable metals in between the cracks; it was shocking really. Losing someone so quickly; I can’t imagine why he would fall with honour

“Rebecca, this camp will hold for time being, I just don’t see us surviving to the end”

“I have lost too many people to go back now, so if you want safety, stick with us”

At the time I couldn’t care less with who had emotions. My main goal was to become the final saviour, save those who are in need. Stanley had already locked Kevin up, how long before we all betray each other? I can’t see us getting along any further from here; it feels like there are riptides in our relationships. Even with those we protect for the great honour of being human.

“We’re going to need a lot of scraps to get through the abyss!”

“Rebecca, you can’t be serious! Do you have any idea what will become of us?”

Stanley always questioned my logic reasoning. If only he could understand how much I’ve lost in the dreaded hell lands. This camp was soon to rot anyway, I had my suspicions on the fact that we can’t move until there is a safer path. The way down, was pretty much a never ending fall, oh how the fallen have taken us. It makes me wonder if we’re going to get down there in one piece.

“Attention! We can’t camp! We have company!”

Stanley’s voice echoed in my ears, it had taken me a while to remember what he said. After a few seconds of scratching my head in confusion; I decided we need to move. Those savage beasts are back, I never expected them to find us down here. It’s a dump; what creature follows us into the foulest places? We named them the Krakens, many reasons really; one of the real reasons why we named them that. Is all down to the facts that they enjoy taking their prey down into the abyss along with the riptides in this forsaken world.

“Move! Move! We have no ranged weapons!”

Stanley was still shouting out commands; I just wanted us to be safe. As brave of a man he is, I was not surprised when he shouted us to go; he gave the command for us to scatter without him. Leaving him behind, maybe the others could let go of someone so easily. Me? I had feelings for all of these people, even the ones we haven’t found yet. That is, if there are any left; I also just wanted to pass on my knowledge to all of these newbie’s.

“I can’t leave you Stanley, even if you have given a strict order”

I held onto his waist, slowly pulling out my pistol, I held onto it for this moment. Well one of these moments; sadly I was the only one armed. Stanley had a slingshot, which is hardly any use. He looked at me with a smile, as the savaged beasts got closer. There long arms clutching onto the many piles of rocks, I just hoped that this place would not cave in. If it did, none of us can survive, it would be giving up my life, Even losing Stanley’s in the process. Stanley looked at me again, as I pushed him behind me. Thankfully he had landed near the camp.

“Solider! You putting your own life at risk for me?! I think it’s about time we leave as a one man army”

“Stanley, I can’t leave; you want to know why?”


Stanley had begun to fire his slingshot, using small pebbles for ammo. It was pretty much small amounts of the debris that had scattered everywhere. As tempting as it was, I decided to fire one more bullet. I rapidly pulled the trigger, as the bullet blasted into a Kraken. It seemed to make the other one angry, yet I was too bothered about family than pesky monsters.

When I thought that this situation wasn’t bad enough; more debris started to collapse. The riptides around us were slowly opening further. The shaken lands caused me to slip; my left knee collided with the sharper rocks, falling down a curved path. Stanley was nowhere in sight, until I had seen him just as I held onto the rocks. There he was, holding our final grenade; he was too mad, who could blame him. These savage beasts tormented him, feeding him family essences.

“Stanley! Nooooooo!”

My voice was slightly damaged from my mixed emotions. I never knew what to feel; I never knew what mattered, the most. Instead of letting crazy Stanley risk his life; I threw what I had left at the beast. First it was the empty pistol, secondly it was my shoes. It caused damage to the beast, not enough to keep it down.

“Sorry Rebecca, you need to go! Right... god damns it!”

Those were the last words that I heard, as I limped towards the narrow exit. Where the rest of the party had scattered off too. I had only wished that Stanley went out with more respect, I had only wished that my party would have been braver...

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