FineShride Riptides!

Rebecca a saviour of the Fineshride, seeks the support from the many more survivors to come. As faith is there path, it makes choices along with devious decisions for Rebecca and her party. The madness is far more powerful than ever before, as Rebecca reminds herself true names with codes.

Fineshride has formed riptides all over the world. Each person that dies, there is a true mystery behind who holds the counts and who holds the codes. It's insanity at it's best - Thriller 2013 - Science Fiction.

- Written By: LJRV - Luke -


11. Chapter 10: Illusive Tides

Chapter 10: The Illusive tides

“Anybody left? Or is hope in the human race lost... lost forever?!”

Why do I not remember what the heck just happened; yet I feel hope is lost? Sarah probably was aborted from the mission or something. I was not entirely sure why I am here... my mind started to spiral from the events that had passed. Flash backs became pretty often, many of them flooding in at once. I was up to my neck in sorrow or was it just dreams?

“Your intention to become a hero; it really makes me wonder, maybe you’re the one”

“What? Who’s there?”

I looked around trying to focus on the direction the voice had come from. Low volume?

“You see; I am already surprised you never gave up like them losers of yours”

“They were my friends; I remember them pretty well...”

“Remembrance, remind yourself this, Rebecca; who’s counting?”

“I don’t think anyone is; I feel that time is counting though”

“Interesting counting? Time is counting, well I must say I’m surprised; yet who is counting for you?”

The voice would not leave me alone; I was subtracted in some forbidden universe. Paranormal something, that made no sense. Nothing seemed to add up; just puzzle pieces floating in space. As difficult as it sounds; I weren’t going to be the final saviour for this land. I remember my friends; they were dear to me, I always tried to save them. So there was a purpose for me being here...

“I already know; if so, I shall find out who is trying to create the riptides”

“Tears, lots of tears remembrance? How about you remember the illusive ways of Kevin”

The voice made little sense to nothing, I tried to understand what the heck a Kevin were; my mind was forcing me to think of others, yet I wanted to remember the real friends I had lost. Why is Kevin, or whoever he is; why is he so important? I decided to keep moving; I left the building only to find a female woman on the floor. Slowly leaning down to check her pulse; I squeezed her hand, it seems that she were an innocent. I was almost certain; I just had this feeling that she was a saint.

“That was Sarah; she dropped dead several hours ago; strangled would make sense”

The voice had told me that this woman was called, Sarah? As interesting as it was; to learn a name of someone I had forgotten, I still could not bring myself to the level on sanity. Some reason, Kevin was a main priority; so I decided to search for him. As I tried to remember where I had seen this man, where I had seen this man...

“Sarah? More like a sister I had thought; Kevin will not see sunlight”

“I’m sure his waiting patiently; so patient for you to bring yourself to him. You’re making a decision”

The voice leads me to a cavern; old broken down caverns, I wanted to know why it is here. Why out of all places; why this destroyed wasteland? Before entering, I needed to take a deep breath; just enough to hold my emotions inside.

“Think of it like this; the fallen had been the ones to save you; yet you understand the deadly...”

“I don’t understand! Why do you want me to do this! Why not anyone else”?

There were no reply; just empty caverns with horrible stench’s coming from inside. I brought myself lower to the ground. Resting my knees, sitting perfectly still; yet inside I were shaking a lot. I understood the fallen; yet some reason the fallen could not understand me. Heck, I could not even understand myself lately. Brought to my knees; slowly focusing on a door way.

“An instant light awaits you, it awaits your return. It seeks a new host you see; so go in there”

I don’t think I had a choice; my mind could not focus on the more important information. I could not even control myself from thinking. It was impossible to think of this situation, every time I tried; I felt a horrible chill down my spine. Along, with struggling to breathe... I slowly waddled on my knees; towards the door-way. I needed answers, if anything made sense; this did not!

“So you got my message? You understood the fallen?”

 Different voice; another voice; I felt like insanity was happening inside of me? Decisions were being made almost instantly; some reason I wanted to speak to this being. I wanted to speak to the fallen, discover new ways of escaping the wretched lands.

“The ones you lost; are the ones to guide you out of this place. Your soon be back home”

I trusted this voice; the other one? Not so much trust was worth them. Yet this voice felt similar to me; it made me realize how crazy I have become from this one day. As I approached the door way; I knocked, waiting for an answer...

“Oh look; you made it here already, please come inside with us. We have been waiting for you...”

I held an invisible hand? Yet through my vision I felt a hand. I actually could feel a strange skinned creature. I was not even certain if this thing was a human being. It just felt so smooth and soft; I couldn’t resist from holding its hand.

“You’re lost ones; do you ever wonder what the tides have installed? Do you ever notice that the riptides corrupt from the grounds up?”

“I only remember the ones I lost; not the people I hurt, they were dead to me from day 1”.

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