FineShride Riptides!

Rebecca a saviour of the Fineshride, seeks the support from the many more survivors to come. As faith is there path, it makes choices along with devious decisions for Rebecca and her party. The madness is far more powerful than ever before, as Rebecca reminds herself true names with codes.

Fineshride has formed riptides all over the world. Each person that dies, there is a true mystery behind who holds the counts and who holds the codes. It's insanity at it's best - Thriller 2013 - Science Fiction.

- Written By: LJRV - Luke -


2. Chapter 1: Final Straws?

Chapter 1: Final Straws?

Note: [BOLD TEXT] "Rebecca Is Talking"

“Let go! I can make this my last jump; it would make up for my idiotic ways!”

You betray my stars? Yet you decide to obey by law? What fool would you take me for? Your empty lifeless risks, do you think I care? What good will it do to serve us in a duel?

“You’re just as stubborn as you were back in Fineshride, you given up on the one true thing!”

As he had taken his last breath, I had thought we were doomed. Our plans and escape routes were pretty much drowning in sorrow. Even the punches I had thrown that day, sure it saved us a few times. Yet can you imagine what crap we need to go through next!

“I will take that risk; it’s a risk worth taking, even if we don’t come back here in one piece”.

How many supplies are we going to need to keep you upon from stubborn?

“You laugh, I don’t find this funny, and we have lost lives due to this mess!”

“So tell me this Rebecca, who’s counting?”

As he whispered those words; with his Australian accent. It was too late to pull back, he had chosen faith. It is our job to look out for the ones who make decisions, even if it ruins other lives. Steven the Australian we once knew had fallen back. As me and the rest of the party watched him stare at us, as he slowly lowered his strength to hold onto the ground. He had gained too much weight from belief. As we stood back with no order to save him, he dropped down into the deadly rifts of Fineshride.

“Jesus, you never saved him? That man never even had taken a breath”.

Carl was just an innocent civilian to Fineshride, captured back in the riptide, where all hell had broken loose. He was a by far more suspected innocent; he had used his own son to escape. What did that cost him? Well it’s more than he could afford, even now it’s impossible. I found him in the crumbled left over’s of Retallion. I had thought it was never possible to survive, he had proven me wrong with his emotional back story.

Most of us were saviours, just not the heroes’ in capes. As what you would expect from civilians. I dreaded to imagine if we could keep moving, after losing another dear friend to his own sub conscious belief. You’d think that we had all learnt a valuable lesson by now; yet most of us have lost too much to surrender now. We had lost what was most important; faith...

“Rebecca, we’re going to have to set up a camp here, Lizzy is in a drastic state”.

“Okay we will stop for a few hours; we can’t just wait around though”

Kevin loved his dear wife, Lizzy. They spent most of their time protecting their child along with their homes. It did however cost them something dear to them; faith and existence. Not sure what that meant, I had only remembered elements to the puzzle. It never did fit as well as expected though. Slowly walking back inside the small un-built camp, I approached a distraught Kevin.

“You’re going to be fine; we’re all going to be fine okay Lizzy? Dear... Speak to me!”

Oh god... Kevin’s gone off the deep end... It’s bad enough we have all of hell against us; why does Kevin have to go rebellion on us; this is not the right time! Lizzy was lying there on the cold ground, I could not imagine her feelings towards Kevin. They were always so irresistible together; I just wish they stayed that way back when their son still had legs.

“Kevin calm down! We have a few shipments with medicine; surely we can cure her”, sergeant said.

Stanley a ex-worker for the army, he has been keeping our team strong. Even through some of the worst scenarios, he still managed to make us forgive our sins, along with smile. It was all in a man’s work; he had told me before. He was too a prisoner of the Fineshride forbidden lands, he managed to escape. I found him in the centre of corpses left behind. Devious and open minded I had thought.

“Stanley, I’m sure Lizzy is going to be fine okay?”

“Negative! I can’t have a solider becoming an unborn warrior!”

Stanley managed to stay strong; I was shocked from what he had seen so far. Even his face expressions shown no fear; obviously deep down he was terrified. I guess to be strong; you just need to conquer those fears before they get to you. Sadly, I don’t think Kevin can control his emotions too well, something we are going to need to improve on.

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