Words will be just words ~Niall Horan~

Everybody wants happiness,nobody wants rain.But you cant have a rainbow,without a little rain.<3


3. Old Friends

 (Tori's Pov)

      I woke up to the sunshining through my window.It was 12:05...I slept in.All of the events of last night were rushing through my mind.I have a boyfriend....I Tori Rink...have a boyfriend...the unpossiable has just happened.*Ding Dong* "Who would be calling so early?" I say to myself.I stumble down the stairs to the front door and open it."TORIIII" "ALEXX" We both scream in unison.We jumped into a massive bear hug.

      "Where have you been?I havent seen you in like a month!"I say. "I should be asking you the same,Tori!" We both laugh. Me and Alex have been best friends since junior school.We both sit on the couch in the living room."So,whats the news?" She asks me. "Well,last night I went out on a date with this reallyy fit guy and guess what?!" She thinks for a moment. "What?" she asks."HE ASKED ME TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND!" I praticaly scream."AHHH OMG,TORI'S GOT A BOYFRIEND" she teases.We both end up laughing.

      "You think Im fit?" I hear an Irish accent ask from behind.I turn around to see Niall...well this is awkward.I blush a scarlet shade of red."How did you get into my house?" I ask curiously."You didnt lock the door"He laughs."Ohhh..". "So you think Im fit?" he asks grining. "Umm..yes?" I say embarrsed.Alex is literally crying with laughter on the floor.

      "Em,Tori..im gonna go now,ill call you later,okay?" Alex says."Yeah,okay cya later!" I call after her.The front door closes."So I was wondering if you want to come to my place to meet my mates?" He asks nervously."Sure,I just have to get dressed first,one minute.I run upstairs and throw on a pair of leggings and a baggy t-shirt.I put on my white canvas shoes and my grey beanie with a few braclets.(http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=86061581&.locale=fr).I quickly put on some mascara then grabbed my phone and ran downstairs where Niall was waiting at the door."Ready?" He asks. "Yep" I say smiling.

         "So how many of your friends am I meeting?"I ask. "Four,their all in the band with me,we live together." He says. We pull up into a massive drive-way with possiably the biggest house I have EVER seen!"Wow,your house is amazingg!" I say awestruck.He just laughed and grabbed my hand.We walked up to the front door where he hit the buzzer.Some guy,Im guessing one of his friends opened the door.He had brown curly hair and was fairly tall."Niall!" He greeted and gave Niall a bear hug."You must be Tori,Im Harry" "Nice to meet you" I said back.

         The harry guy spoke sorta slow.It was kinda amusing.Their house was even nicer on the inside.The hall was like the size of my whole house.We walked into the living room where Harry and 3 other guys were."Hey guys,this is Tori,My girlfriend" Niall said while Smiling.They all said hello except for this one guy with brown hair and sorta tanned skin ran up to me and picked me up screaming "HELLOO". I think Im gonna get along well with him.

         Niall introduced me too all of them.The loud one who picked me up is Louis and he likes carrots.The one with the shaved head was Liam and he is the sensible one. The tanned one with a black quiff was Zayn and apparently he is vain, and then Harry is the curly haired one and he likes cats.I think Im going to get on very well with theese boys.

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