Words will be just words ~Niall Horan~

Everybody wants happiness,nobody wants rain.But you cant have a rainbow,without a little rain.<3


2. First Date

  (Tori's Pov)

    For the rest of work I could'nt get that guy out of my head.Coustmers were getting pretty angry at me for day-dreaming."Tori,whats wrong?" My boss asked worried."Oh nothing,just thinking" I replied with a grin."Well,your free to go for the rest of the day" and with that I ran out the door.I unlocked my phone and went into my contact list.I unfolded the piece of paper from my pocket and tryped in the number.I saved the number as "Blondie" and clicked "create new text".I typed "Hey:) It's the girl from starbuck's that you gave your number too:) - Tori".

      I got a reply in about a minute. "Hey:) Do you maybe wanna go out with me tonight?-Niall" . I was shocked at the reply.Guys never asked me out?Why would a guy like him even like me? All sorts of thoughts were running through my head,when I remembered I had to reply. "Sure,What time?:)".I hoped into my car and began to drive home.When I got home I got a reply. "Is 7 alright?!" I quickly replied and yes and ran upstairs.It was now 5 so i had 2 hours to get ready.I had a quick shower.

      I started to do my makeup.I put on a bit of foundation,blush,eye-shadow and mascara.I put on some nude lipstick.I bradied my hair to the side and then made my way to my wardrope.I choose out a white and peach dress and put it on.I then put on my white high heels.http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=86007488&.locale=fr (Tori's outfit).

     I checked my phone,It was 6:50.I decided to watch Tv for 10 minutes to pass time.I watched sponge-bob until I heard the door-bell ring.(yes,I texted him my address...he didnt just know my address).I opened the door to be greeted by an amazing blonde.He looked amazing.He had beige chinos and a shirt on.He had his hair up in a messy quiff."You look beautiful" he complimented.I blushed,"You dont look bad yourself". He let out a slight chuckle before leading me to his car."So,where are we going?" I curiously asked."Its a suprise" he grinned.We just talked and got to know eachother in the car.He then pulled up to my favourite resturaunt,Nando's."This is my favourite resturaunt!" I said shocked."I think I like you even more now" He said seriously.We both ended up laughing.

      We walked into nandos and sat in a booth."Hi,welcome to nandos,what can I get you?" The waitress asked.We ordered when a bunch of girls came up to us and asked for Nialls autograph.I was so confused but I just went along with it."Niall,why did they ask for your autograph?" I asked confused."Em,have you heard of one direction?" He questioned."Yeah,my sister loves them..why?" I questioned."Im in one direction" He anwsered."Oh,thats cool" I smiled.


(Niall's POV)

     Tori is just amazing.Shes funny,nice and beautiful.After Nando's we went and found my car.We talked and joked on the way home.One thing I loved about her is that I could be myself around her.I walked up to her door with her."Thanks for tonight Niall" she said and kissed me on the cheek.I bet I went bright red."No problem" I replied.She smiled.I made my move and leaned in.

     My lips crashed onto her soft lips.She instantly replied.I could instantly feel sparks.We pulled away after a minute and just smiled at eachother."Em,I was wondering...Tori,do you want to be my girlfriend?" I asked nervously.A wide smile grew on her face."I'd love to" she squeaked.We said our good-byes and then I drove home.The boys are gonna want details...


*Authors note*

   Sorry it took so long to update! I was on holidays and I was really busy with friends and stuff:) Hope you liked the new chapter!:) -Georgia xo

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