Imagines Book

Hello. So, I decided to make an imagine book. A book filled with sweet little imagines written by me, but with your wishes. So, if you dream of a personalized imagine with your favorite celeb you just let me know in the comments. To see how you do, go to the first chapter, where I will describe what to do.


1. Imagines Book

Hi sweethearts!

So, I decided that I wanted to make a imagine book! Its my way of getting a little away from my other movellas and also a way of giving you something, and making something JUST for you!


So I made an imagine book!


I have some people that I really like, who I would love to make imagines about. Those are the ones you can choose between.








Just wanna let you know, that I do bieber storys. Like, I am a champ at that! And the reason why louis and niall aren't on the list, is not because I dont like them.. trust me, I like the whole band! But I can't see myself with them. 

To make a good imagine, you have to put some of your own feelings into it!

Everytime I have read an One Direction fanfic its always just awkward for me to read the love scenes between louis and niall and the girl.. So its just because I dont want to give you guys awkward shitty fanfics! 

And the same about union j 


Do you dream of having Justin Bieber and Harry Styles fighting for your love? maybe its all the guys I listed? well, I will do more persons as well. 


So.. what do you do?!


These are the facts I need to know..










Just to make all of this completely clear, im gonna make an example 


GUY(S): Justin Bieber

NAME: Amber

LOOKS: Brown hair, green eyes, normal height, etc..

PERSONALITY: Sweet, smart, innocent, 

HOBBYS: Theater, acting 

SETTINGS: At the library 

WISHES: We have never met. I was doing homework, he had to pick up a book. he notices me and tries to get my attention. We end up kissing. 


YOU decide what it will be about! This is YOUR book! If you dont want to decide it all, you can just ask me to make something up! but remember to tell me about yourself. 


If there is a lot of request - which i hope ;-) - You have to be patient. I am only human :-) thats sounds very cheese.. sorry!

If this really gets popular, I will need some co-authors.. Just keep that in your head. We could do some more people too.. 


Well, thank you for clicking in on it and remember to like, favourite and comment! 




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