Imagines Book

Hello. So, I decided to make an imagine book. A book filled with sweet little imagines written by me, but with your wishes. So, if you dream of a personalized imagine with your favorite celeb you just let me know in the comments. To see how you do, go to the first chapter, where I will describe what to do.


2. Harry and Clarise

Hey babe.

Meet me at the bar

Harry xx


I just got the text, when I was planning on having a relaxing evening, reading the book I just rented. I don't even want to go. Ever since I saw the picture of him kissing another girl on the cheek on his phone I have just been mad. He doesn't even know that I saw it.. I guess I had to confront him, to hear why he is cheating on me. Its just so hurting cause we have been together for almost a year! I wouldn't call myself the jealous type, but he does this all the time. He messes up and makes me jealous and then he finds a way to get me back.


I have always wanted a sweet guy, to match my personality, but the way he flirts with me and is kinda bad, just makes me go crazy! He is funny too, which I really like about him!


I put on a little black dress and some make-up. I did not overdress, but I did look good. As I was on my way to the bar, when he texted me again.


Come on babe,

I miss u


Is that because you don't have the other girl? Cheating bastard!

I found my way to the bar and walked in, to find him sitting with his friends and drinking beer. He was probably half drunk or something. He hadn't seen me, but I went over to him, a bit uncomfortable with all the other boys in the bar, staring at me.


I was shy around people when I hadn't met them. I would much rather be in the library than be surrounded by horny, drunk guys, being the only girl in the room. At least I had a boyfriend in here. For now.


I walked up to him and pointed at his shoulder. He turned around put his arm around my waist, trying to pull me down in a kiss. I kept standing with a cold-ish look on my face.


“Whats wrong babe? Why are you so mad?” he asked me. I could smell his beer breathe clearly from up here. I didn't even want to answer him. He was such an idiot! He looked at me confused and his friends looked at me too.


“Who is that girl your cheating on me with?” I asked him angrily. The whole bar went quiet and everybody started to look at us. His face turned even more confused. He was just acting. I know that he knows who I'm talking about.


“I am not cheating on you with anybody” He said holding onto my arms. I got out of his grab and started to scream.


“YOU ALWAYS DO THIS HARRY!! WHY CAN'T WE BE A CUTE COUPLE” I yelled at him. My eyes started to tear up. “You keep doing this to me, and I cant stand it!” I said, crying.


“I am not cheating on you! I dont who says that, but its not true!” He said trying to calm me down.

“Shut up harry, I know you're lying!” I said with a lot of anger in my voice.


“I am not! Is this something you have read in one of your stupid books?” he said a bit more angry than worried.


“NO! See, you always make me feel so bad about myself! Just because i'm smart! Just because I get good grates! Just because i'm not as outgoing as the other girls you used to be with! You're a bad boyfriend Harry! I don't wanna waste my time, getting my heart broken even more!” I said punching him in the chest, several times, making him go backwards.


His eyes turned dark and suddenly he slapped me, making me fall down in my knees. I looked up at him with tears in my eyes. I couldn't even describe the pain. The hit hurt so much, but to know that he hit me, hurt even more!


“This is it Harry. You crossed the line. I will never talk to you again!” I said and got up. He looked at me and I could see the pain in his eyes. He knew he crossed the line.


“I am so sorry for what I just did. I am so, so sorry. Like, I will do anything to make you happy Clarise. I promise!” H e said holding my hands. I just looked at him very hurt.


“I found the picture of you kissing another girls cheek. I have been forgiving you a thousand times and I have been giving my heart, to an idiot for the last time. You are not good for me and it has to stop” I said and walked away. As I reached the door he took my hand turned me around and kissed me.


He held my head and gave the most passionate kiss, he had ever been giving me. He wrapped his arms around me, not breaking the kiss and pulled me closer. He held me tight and made me feel good. I just had to not give in.


He stopped the kiss and looked at me very sexily. He cuddled my cheek.


“That girl on my phone is my cousin. I would never cheat on you. And the reason why I wanted you to come today, is cause my grandma died. I wanted to tell you sober, but its easiest for me to drink the sorrows away. I guess that why I hit you. The pain, the alcohol and the frustration just got to me. I am so sorry I did it. Can you ever forgive me?” He said with those puppy dog eyes.


I didn't even answer him. I just pulled in for another kiss, as the bar started to cheer for us in joy. He did it again. But that was how me and Harry was. That was our relationship and also how I liked it. Cause it was real and it was us.




This one is for Clarise! I really enjoyed writing it. I love the drama, lol ;-)

I hope you liked it as well. I hoped it was as you wanted. I dont know if you wanted them to make up, but I thought it would be cute ;-) Let me know what you think! Thank you! 


And for the others.. I will try to update some more today! thank you for commenting! dont forget to like and favorite! :-)


Thank you



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