letting you go

im well..you don't need to know that but harry, Eleanor and I were all great friends before he became famous and she started dating Louis. don't get me wrong im happy for them but I feel so lonely now with out my 2 close friends.



Kathys POV

finished my pasta and chicken now. Dam its Saturday my turn to do the washing up great...I hopped of my bed and made my way to the bedroom door.

harrys POV

Louis : "why doesn't she like us?...I bet its because liam went creepy and started flirting!"  Louis was now stood up in his place pointing it liam but keeping eye contact with me

liam : "No I didn't I was being nice!! its wasn't my fault was it harry?!" laim was now looking at me expecting an answer but gave up after a few seconds and started yelling at louis and Louis doing the same back.

Zayn : " well if it wasn't liam it must have been NIALL!" zany said while walking round the table to niall and pocked him in the chest.

niall : " What  did I do?" niall looked it zayn innocently but slightly mad too.

now each one of the boys was arguing about who's fault it was and why. im just stood here by the door frame knowing it was because of me and my stupid dreams getting in the way of our friend ship.



sorry its a short chapter ill update soon follow me on twitter please? @marniehallworth <3 xx

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