letting you go

im well..you don't need to know that but harry, Eleanor and I were all great friends before he became famous and she started dating Louis. don't get me wrong im happy for them but I feel so lonely now with out my 2 close friends.


6. Tea time

Kathys POV

*snort* I looked up to see everyone staring at me with a shocked face apart from the dirty blonde one niall right? Covering him mouth he must of been the one that snorted haha aww and harry who had a huge grin on his face. 

Me :" what are you smiling a gay lordd?!" Yeah that was aimed at harry haha wow *note to self think of better insulting names*

harry :" errm you , well I was just thinking that your sarcasm hasn't changed a bit ..." As he said that the one with a shaved head stood up and picked up my meal from the work top placed it in-between him and harry they pulled up a wooden chair and then looked at me

"do you want to join us kathy?"

Me :" errm I would rather eat upstairs" I the. Walked over to the space he had made for me while grabbing my plate of pasta and chicken and walked towards the stairs but before I reached the bottom of the stairs I turned to face the shaven head guy and said 

me "thank you " I gave him a small smile and walked up the stairs into my room.

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