letting you go

im well..you don't need to know that but harry, Eleanor and I were all great friends before he became famous and she started dating Louis. don't get me wrong im happy for them but I feel so lonely now with out my 2 close friends.


4. seeing Annand Mum

Kathys POV

for fucks sake why wont harry just leave for good why does he keep coming back to visit!

Ann :" hii Kathy wow haven't- " here we go the oh my god you grow up to fast ... wait she stopped.

Ann : "stupid thing to say right? haha but you are defiantly a lot thinner and more beautiful not teenage spots?!"

me : "haha yeah I've been trying hard with those things I guess its worked hhu?"

Ann : "yeah darling so come sit down tell us- where's haz? oh doesn't matter you guys can catch up later when you go to the shopping centre." WHAT THE HELL!!

Ann : "she ho-"

me :" sorry to interrupt Ann but what do you mean to shopping centre?!"

Ann : " oh yeah haven't he said oh silly him we were all talking before when you were getting ready that it would be a fantastic idea for you guys to catch up considering how much he's missed you."

me : " number 1 - he hasn't missed me and number 2 NO!"

Ann : " I think that's were your wrong hunn he hasn't stopped looking for you on Facebook and twitter also he has got a new phone so he's not been able to call you  he talks about you a lot and what he thinks you look like and calls me when ever he knows I've been round and asks me how you were."

me : "whaaa"

Ann : " yeah but when he has been home he's chickened out because he thinks you hate him-"

me : "Ann is this all true?" that moment harry walks in with to wine glasses and a bottle of rose whine for our mums. all eyes were on him.

harry : " mum what have you told her!" it was more of a statement than a question.

Ann : " I told her the truth about how you have missed her" is complete face went white and then a blush started to creep onto his cheeks?

me : " well I better be off I have places to go people to see  by-"

Ann : "Wait why don't you take harry with you?" we both looked at each other straight in the eye mine surprised / wtf expression him , worried / excited? yeah right.


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