letting you go

im well..you don't need to know that but harry, Eleanor and I were all great friends before he became famous and she started dating Louis. don't get me wrong im happy for them but I feel so lonely now with out my 2 close friends.


5. back in my room -_-

Kathys POV

well im now back in my room. I don't want to be in my room but I would rather stay in here than be out there with harry.

"TEA TIME KATHY!" whoop it  must means Harrys gone now if mums made tea. im making my way down the stairs now 36-35-34-33-32-31-30-29-28-2

"oh sharron let me help I feel useless"is that Ann?

mum : "no Ann its fine sit down, why don't you get the boys , Kathy and us some drinks? is you want to help?"

Ann : "okay what does everyone want?"

"coke please"

"Fanta please"

"cherry aide thnx" 

"pepsi cheers"

"coke please"

ann : "what do you think Kathy would like?" at this point I was coming round the corner

me : "I would like a coke please" as I was looking at Ann I could feel all eyes on me.

I turned to face the 5 boys that were seated in front of me

me : "so what am I meant to say now oh yeah you will not expet me to go.. OH MY GOD ITS FUCKING ONE DIRECTION!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs and held on to the door frame for 'support'

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