letting you go

im well..you don't need to know that but harry, Eleanor and I were all great friends before he became famous and she started dating Louis. don't get me wrong im happy for them but I feel so lonely now with out my 2 close friends.


1. introduction.

hi im...well that's not important im just a girl that isn't important. but this is my story about ME and how I have lost my 2 closest friends because of the ugly poison they call fame. so you guys will not know about my past but basically I had two best friends one called Eleanor and one called har- erm no lets call him ... Bob yeah bob. so we were all great friends. we weren't very popular at school but that doesn't bother us. Eleanor wasn't in mine and harr- bobs year but that didn't stop us from hanging out together and being best friends. well Eleanor is now a model (that doesn't surprise me) and Bob is in a famous boy band. so now your up to speed lets get back to what happened today..


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