Jamie McLaren lost her entire family in the shooting last year—even her twin brother. Nobody knows why the McLarens were targeted, or why Jamie is the only one who survived, but they all think she’s next.
Niall Horan is worried about Jamie. Ever since her brother—his best mate—passed away, she’s been avoiding him and getting herself into all sorts of trouble. Niall blames the crowd she’s been hanging around, but Jamie insists that she isn’t good enough for anything better.
All Niall wants to do is protect Jamie and maybe even make her laugh again, but all Jamie seems to want to do is avoid Niall as much as possible.


6. Ch. 6

  Six o'clock the next morning Jamie dragged her sleepy self through the airport with the boys and their "crew" as she referred to them...in other words, the seemingly innumerable managers and security who kept a constant eye on the boys.

  "Let go, Niall." Jamie muttered. Niall had noticed her stumbling over her own feet in a sleepy daze and was now guiding her through the airport with his hand on her back.

  "Jamie, I just--ok." Niall cut himself off. Jamie turned around in time to see Liam shaking his head slightly and shooting Niall a disapproving glance.

  The flight was finally announced, bags were gathered, and hugs were given. Jamie felt a few tears escape as she wrapped her arms around Louis.

  "You'll see us again, you know." he scoffed with his usual smirk. But his demeanor changed as he wiped a stray tear from Jamie's face with his thumb. "Don't cry, babe. Just stay strong and we'll be back soon, ok?"  he spoke quietly.

  "You call us if you ever need anything. Got it?" Liam instructed with a bossy tone. "Even if we're in a totally different country."

  "That's ridiculous!" Jamie protested, and started to babble on about paying massive phone bills when Liam just stepped forward and hugged her. She shut up.

  Jamie finally came around to Niall and just stood there looking at him.

  Her best friend.

  Leaving her, just when she needed him the most. She wouldn't hug him, or say anything meaningful. Saying goodbye was hard enough already without all those tear jerking sort of things.

  "C'mon, Jamie. Don't I get a hug?" he looked at her with pleading eyes. Jamie shuffled closer and gave him a half-hearted side hug. "You take care of yourself, ok kid?" Jamie nodded at her shoes.

  "Alright, lads. We gotta get going or we'll miss our flight." a manager spoke up. Niall's hand slipped slowly from Jamie's shoulder. She could feel him staring at her with those eyes that could look so sad, so easily.

  "I can't make you say anything." he sighed. "but I really care about you, Jamie, and I'm going to miss you so, so much." he paused for a second. "Don't forget about us." he whispered. "We will be back for you, Jamie." there was something in his voice that almost sounded...desperate? Jamie's head shot up as she looked into his eyes. He'd never seemed so serious. She took a step back as he picked up his bag. 

  "Niall, wait." she choked. He set his bag down again and she hopped up on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around his neck. She felt him relax as he smiled into her hair and held her tight. "Thank you." she whispered and completely gave up on trying to stop the tears.

  "Sure, Jamie." he whispered softly. Standing there with his arms around her, she suddenly seemed very small and vulnerable to him. He was afraid of what might happen after he'd left. Who would protect her now? Niall wanted nothing more than to just cancel the tour and stay in Mullingar until Jamie was herself again. Would she ever be that way again? He drew in a shaky breath.

  "Gotta let go now, Jamie." his voice trembled. Jamie broke away and noticing the tear stains she'd left on his shirt, started to mutter an apology. "Hey, it's ok. Don't worry about it." Niall laughed softly. He reached out and ruffled her hair--something he'd been doing ever since she and Damian and him had first been friends. It irritated her and made her feel so much younger than him, so naturally he did it all the time.

  Niall picked up his bag again, and followed after the boys.

  "Bye, Jamie!" they all called out as they began to fade away.

  "Come see a show sometime!" Harry shouted over his shoulder. Jamie sighed as the door shut behind them. She decided not to watch their plane take off and started to make her way back through the airport.

  Her phone buzzed.

  It was Seamus.

  "hey baby wut u up to? hope u had a good time last nite."

  Jamie quickly sent back a reply.

  "I did thanks. just saw niall and the boys off at the airport."

  "wait--those boys are gone now?"


  "now you're all mine :))"

  Jamie raised an eyebrow, but then laughed a little at the last message. It was slightly creepy, but he was either joking, or he just didn't mean to be creepy. Right?



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