You're my obsession.

A story of Niall Horan's only obsession.


1. The Watching.

Quick author's note.

In this chapter Niall and Lexi will both be 16 years old.



Niall's POV:

I watched her as she flopped down onto her bed making her long chocolate brown curls fall onto her pillows.

She sighed as she celebrated yet another birthday alone, curled up in bed and preparing herself for a movie night.

She quickly picked up her phone and opened a text from a guy named Nathan and began tapping away, she then placed her phone underneath her pillow and took her laptop out of it's hiding place.

I watched her as she lay debating with herself over which film she was going to watch first and chuckled to myself as I knew she'd always pick "Grease."

It was her all time favourite movie and it was mine too.

We had so much in common it was unreal, I just wish she hadn't of moved to England before we had the chance to meet.

*1 hour later*

Her phone beeped repeatedly, I tilted my head to try and make out what the messages said, one of them said 'LOL YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING OUT WITH HIM FOR REAL? HE ASKED YOU OUT AS A JOKE, STUPID FUGLY BITCH, HE'S MINE.'

I watched her face drop and saw the tears forming in her eyes.

I can't believe they've done this to her.

My baby.

She shut the laptop screen and started crying into her pillow, she then whispered "What was I thinking? Nobody could ever love me, I don't deserve to be happy."

"I love you, you deserve happiness and I'll give you it." I whispered back as the laptop went onto standby mode.


Hey guys, I have a lot planned for this so keep on reading and I hope you enjoy it :-)

I'll update again soon :D

~Lindsay x

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