You're my obsession.

A story of Niall Horan's only obsession.


5. Decisions.

Niall's POV

I looked at her as she asked me what we were, she looked as though she was preparing herself for the worst, as though I was going to break her heart like all the other guys.

I smiled at her and got down on one knee, which made her eyes widen.

"Lexi Michelle Edwards, will you do me the honour of being my girlfriend?" I asked as she looked down at me with a mixture of shock and happiness spread across her face.

"Well, Niall James Horan, that depends, will you break my heart?" She asked seriously.

"I would never do that to you." I said as I stood up.

"Then it's a yes." She said as she jumped on me wrapping her legs around my waist.

I could get used to this.

She climbed off me and looked at me curiously.

"What's wrong?" I asked, hoping she hadn't changed her mind already.

"Nothing's wrong it's just, I remembered something.." She replied with a small smile spreading across her face.

"What is it?" I asked feeling curious.

"I've never actually.. Been anyone's proper girlfriend." I smiled at her before walking over to her and picking her up.

"Put me down Niall, I'm too heavy!" She screamed as I shook my head.

"You're not heavy at all, you're as light as a feather." I said as I sat down on the couch with her on my lap.

It's true though, she must only weigh about 5 or 6 stone, she's tiny.

I looked at her before asking "Lexi, will you be my date for the award ceremony on friday?"

"Well, considering I was going to just watch it on TV then okay.. But isn't it thursday tomorrow?" She asked me.

"Yeah, it is, why?" I asked knowing what the answer was going to be.

"It's just, I have nothing to wear." She replied.

I laughed before saying "Well, it seems as if we're going shopping tomorrow! What do you wanna do now then?" I asked.

"We could watch a few films? It's only 6pm." She suggested before glancing over to my film cabinet, her eyes lit up as she saw "Grease"

I walked over to the cabinet, taking it out and putting it in the DVD player.

*A few hours later*

After watching and singing along to Grease we watched LOL, So Undercover and Tangled.

"What time is it?" She asked before yawning.

"Uhh 2ish." I replied whilst yawning.

"Oh, I should be getting home then considering we have to be up early tomorrow, I'll call a taxi." She said as she stood up.

"No, let me drive you, it's not safe for you to be getting in a taxi alone,  especially at this time." I insisted before she grabbed her phone and her bag.

I opened the front door as the cold air hit us making Lexi shiver.

I grabbed my coat off the hanger before putting it on her, locking the front door and opening the passengers seat for her to get inside.

I shut the door behind her and jogged round the front of my car to the drivers side before getting in and starting the engine.

I didn't need to ask for her address as I already knew it, within a matter of minutes I pulled infront of her house.

She leaned over to me and hugged me before leaning in for a kiss.

Before I knew it she pulled back, asking me for my phone.

I handed it to her as she typed in her number and asked me to do the same with her phone but with my number instead.

She looked at me before and said "So, what time do you want to go tomorrow?"

"How about 12?" I questioned as she nodded her head in response.

"Text or call me later, night." She said before leaning in for another kiss.

"Night babe." I said as she left the car and walked upto her doorstep, waving before she walked inside.

I sat there for a minute to make sure she'd got in okay before driving off.

I honestly can't wait for tomorrow.

I went home and climbed into bed before giving Lexi a quick call, she answered within a few seconds and went "mhm?"

"I just called to say goodnight beautiful, sweet dreams." I said as I heard her let out a soft chuckle.

"Goodnight handsome, sweet dreams." She replied in her cute sleepy voice before yawning and hanging up.

I set the alarm on my phone and put it on charge before drifting into a deep sleep.


Another long chapter eh? :p

Sorry it's so late :c

Sorry if I've made any typo's or anything(:

~Linds x

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