Apple sauce ice cream


2. The marvalous invention

Me and peeta takes 5 jars of apple sauce and 2 pots of plain ice cream from the refrigerater and mix it up after about 30 seconds our white plain ice cream suddenly became a pale green apple sauce ice cream me and peeta scoopes up a spoonfull each it's nice but not sweet enough so I grab a bag of sugar pour a quater of it in and mix it up and try it. It was nice but to warm(after mixing it up so we placed it in the freezer to freeze whilst me and Peeta eat the remains of the apple sauce wich cushioned my tounge until i gently swalloed it trying to make sure that I keep all of it's mouth watering flavour. After half an hour it's finished and we take a bite and the ice cream tasted like heaven poured on fairy dust .we decided to come up with a name for it .we brain stormed for about half an hour coming up with lots of different brand names we came up with a lot of rubbish like "apples r go" or "appleishous"eventually we came up with a reasonable name it wasn't to to do with apples but mine and peetas name "geeta" we decided not to just make the name to be about ice cream because we might make other brands.we let the other homeless people finish the rest of the Geeta and everybody loved as we ate we sat in front of the T.V to watch Doctor who which was everybodys favourite T.V programme. Half way through the annoying adverts a strange women named Effie announced a competition that would allow people across the world to bring in there food inventions become rich and earn a lot of fame. Everybody practically was trying to make us take in our Geeta and even before we said yes my friend named Gale was already on the phone to the compition place. And before we new it me and Peeta were on the train ready to put in our Geeta.

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