Warped Love

When two best friends go to Warped Tour - Scarlett and Ashley - they didn't expect to fall in love. Kellin Quinn - the lead singer of Sleeping With Sirens - and Vic Fuentes - the lead singer of Pierce The Veil - see two girls in the audience; two girls who they cannot ignore. With just two months of tour left, will they admit their feelings for each other? Falling in love with rockstars is never easy.


32. Papa Greene

Ash's POV


Vic was still being insecure about me liking Black Veil Brides so much. I loved him, more than anything, yet he seemed blind to that. It frustrated me to no end, but I decided to just let him believe whatever he wanted. He'd come around.

We were lying in his bunk, fast asleep, at about 9 in the morning. Last night, we went to bed later than usual, because I was trying to persuade him to take no notice of my fangirling. No such luck there. Anyway, someone started shaking my shoulder, whispering my name.

"Ash... Ash... Someone's here to see you," one of the security guards whispered.

"Okay, I'm up," I grumbled, trying to slip out of Vic's arms, without waking him.

Unfortunately, I did wake him up, so he got out of bed too, and followed me down the bus. I was wearing my underwear, and one of his shirts, whereas Vic was just walking around in his boxers. Both of us obtained messy hair, and our eyes were still half closed. Anyway, I dragged myself to the front of the bus, where whoever it was who wanted me was waiting.

The man waiting had the same coloured eyes as me, dark brown, along with his hair, which was slightly greying. He was tall, lean, clad in a grey suit, made by some huge label, assumably. A pair of silver rimmed glasses rested articulately on his nose, giving him the business man look. The only problem was, that this business man, was my Dad.

"D-Dad?" I stammered, taking a few steps back.

"Ashley, I'd appreciate it if you could stop any fuss in advance, and leave with me. Now," he demanded, sternly glaring down at me.

I almost just agreed, I was so scared, but I remembered why I hadn't left already, "No, I'm nineteen, I can do what I want."

"I am your father, you'll do as I say," he grabbed my arm, but I yanked it away from him.

"No, I won't do as you say!" I shouted, feeling Vic's chest pressed against my back.

"Oh, so this is the man that's keeping you here, is it?" my Dad snarled, taking a brief over look of Vic.

Vic casually stepped in front of me, pushing me behind him, "I'm not keeping her here at all, if she wants to go home, I'll even buy her plane ticket. But you know what? She is staying here, with me, because she wants to. She's nineteen, what other nineteen year old girl gets to go on tour with her boyfriend?"

"I do!" I heard Scar yell, from somewhere behind his, but Vic just rolled his eyes.

"If this is what she wants to do, shouldn't you be supporting her? What kind of a father can tell his daughter he loves her, but restrains her from seeing the world? We're covering most of the USA, Europe, and parts of Asia, don't you want your daughter to be able to do that, with us? With the man she loves? If you don't let Ash do this, you're not her Dad, you're just her guardian, Sir."

"Sir?" Scar questioned, and I face palmed. Seriously? Right now, Scar?

I took a peek at my Dad, to see a mixture of emotions on his face. Anger, upset, and... Regret? Maybe Vic's words actually sunk into him, maybe he actually did realise that what he's trying to do has good intentions, yet it's wrong for me. 

"I'm sorry..." he apologised, his voice cracking, "I didn't know... I didn't know this means so much to you, Ash, I thought it was just another boyfriend."

The genuine tone to his voice made me step forward, and pull him into a hug. He was just trying to do the best thing for me, right? He was trying to be there for me, but portrayed strictly, to keep his manliness, father figure up. 

"I'm sorry, Mr Fuentes, I really am," my Dad continued, letting go of me, to look at Vic.

"Mr Fuentes?" Scar added in, "What's with all the formality today?!"

"Call me Vic, and it's okay, I understand that you're just trying to be a good father," Vic replied, shaking my Dad's hand.

They shared a brief smile, before my Dad turned back to me, "Will you at least come home, to visit us? Not right now, but in the future."

"Only if I can bring Vic," I compromised, raising an eyebrow.

"Of course you can bring Vic. Heck, bring the entire band, if you want to," my Dad smiled, and Jaime appeared, just in his boxers.

Awkwardly, Jaime backed up again, but Mike took his place. Scar whispered the situation to him, and he gave my Dad a once-over, before stepping up beside Vic.

"I'm Mike, Vic's brother," he introduced himself, nodding curtly. 

The whole band started talking to my Dad, treating him with respect, despite how much I knew they didn't like him. Vic seemed to forgive him, being able to see my Dad's intentions. Mike seemed okay with him, gradually starting to like him. As for Jaime and Tony, they were less please. Then again, no one was as bad off as Scar, who refused to be in the same room as him.

After a few hours, Vic booked my Dad a flight home, and even paid for it, despite Dad's protests. It was really sweet of him, and I was kind of relieved to finally say goodbye to Dad. The tension evaporated on the bus, and Kellin came on, looking for Scar, as she woke up before him.

"What did I miss?" he asked, when he saw all of our 'relief' faces.

"Papa Greene," Vic sighed, and Kellin's mouth formed an 'o' shape.

"Well, I'm going back to sleep, I'm exhausted," I announced, standing up, and walking back to Vic's bunk.

I felt Vic's presence close behind me, as he climbed into bed with me, holding me tightly. Sighing, I rested my head on his chest, listening to his soft heartbeat. His light breath was audible, despite how much noise everyone else was making, in the lounge area.

"Are you still questioning me?" I asked, very quietly.

He took in a deep breath, making his chest rise, "Not at all."


"I love you, Ash."

"I love you, too, Vic."

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