Warped Love

When two best friends go to Warped Tour - Scarlett and Ashley - they didn't expect to fall in love. Kellin Quinn - the lead singer of Sleeping With Sirens - and Vic Fuentes - the lead singer of Pierce The Veil - see two girls in the audience; two girls who they cannot ignore. With just two months of tour left, will they admit their feelings for each other? Falling in love with rockstars is never easy.


1. Oh My God

Ashley's POV


"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God-" finally, I cut Scarlett off by slapping my hand over her mouth.

Scarlett Gray - my all time best friend. We're both 'outcasts' of our school, but who cares?! We just got out of college, making us nineteen, and  we were going to the USA! Of course, we had one destination in the Unites States - go to the Warped Tour. And today was the day.

"I know you're excited, but we've gotta play it cool. I'm pretty sure we'll look like idiots if you fangirl the entire time," I joked, removing my hand from her mouth, before she licked me. 

"I know, I'm sorry," she grinned, skipping out of our room, and into the lounge area.

We were staying in a hotel-apartment thing, for two months. It was going to be amazing. Laughing at her, I quickly got dressed, on the outfit I'd been planning forever. Dark, ripped skinny jeans, black, leather combat boots, a Pierce The Veil fitted shirt, a leather jacket, and many wristbands. Scarlett had braided my hair into a waterfall plait, which actually suited me. My hair was dyed dark red, with white blond streaks, and coon tails. My eyes were rimmed with black eye liner, and mascara, so that my hazel eyes were more vibrant. As for my lip ring, and nose ring, they were both silver.

Just before joining Scarlett in the lounge, I grabbed my bag, loaded with all of the stuff I may, or probably won't, need. Taking a deep breath, I did a last minute check over myself. Of course, I wasn't happy with how I looked, I never would be, but I put up with it. 

"I seriously can't believe we're going to the Warped Tour," Scarlett quietly said, her gaze fixed on something in the distance.

"I know! Pierce The Veil are going to be there!" I squeaked.

"Don't forget Sleeping With Sirens, Ash!" she squeaked back.

We randomly burst out laughing, so incredibly excited. I'd seen Pierce The Veil seven times before, back in the UK, but I would never get bored of going to their concerts. In fact, it felt like I had never even been to one before, because of how ecstatic I was. This was going to be awesome.

After a few more minutes, we collected ourselves, and left the apartment. After twenty painful minutes, of being in Scarlett's car, we arrived at the grounds. It was crazy - and I mean crazy.

Thousands of people crowded the fields, just as hyper as us. Food stands, makeshift shops, and other stalls were dotted around, each surrounded with people. The stage was at the other side, empty for the time being. It would be filled with a band in less than two hours. Scarlett and I got in, shoving our way through the crowds. I gripped onto my bag, to make sure no one snatched it away from me, and we kept going until we were at the base of the stage.

Security guards already lined it, metal fences behind them. We were actually at the front, we'd have the best view, ever! As long as we didn't get crushed by everyone behind us, it should be amazing!


Seven amazing hours later, it's pitch black. Every performance was absolutely freaking awesome! Pierce The Veil were obviously the best, Scarlett would argue to say Sleeping With Sirens, but we're loyal to our fandoms. Their best song, was obviously King For A Day, because they collaborate. During that song, we were screaming the lyrics at the tops of our lungs, jumping to every beat. It was the experience of a lifetime.

Behind us, circles of people had developed, where some people street danced, and others surfed the crowd. I must admit, it's not too bad when a guy with a six pack is overhead...

"Hey, guess what?!" I said to Scarlett, as we walked back to her car.

"What?" she asked, practically shaking with adrenaline.

"I'm driving!" I snatched her keys from her hand, and bolted.

Okay, Scarlett was a typical, good driver. I was a maniac driver who didn't have a license. So, I was running for my life. Scarlett would kill me to get those keys back. 

Laughing my ass off, I ran forwards, almost tripping over myself. I shoved people out of my way, as I dodged through the crowds. I heard curses of protest behind me, for Scarlett to deal with.

"Ashley Greene! Get your ass back here!" I heard her yell.

This only made me laugh more, and I craned my neck around to get a quick glance of her. She was closing in on me, really quickly. Damn being short, with really short legs-

I ran straight into someone. My face was flat against a guy's chest, my nose already aching. I instantly pushed him away from me, cupping my face in pain. I heard Scarlett come to the same fate as me, but she ran into someone else. Instantly, I started laughing at her, and at that point, I knew there was too much alcohol in my system.

"Whoa, watch out guys, you might just get yourself killed at that rate," an American accent joked, a hand on my back.

I paralysed. That voice. Only one person had a voice that amazingly terrific, that could make a girl freeze to the core. Vic Fuentes.

I blinked rapidly, until my eyes had adjusted to the dark lighting, "V-Vic?" I stuttered, making a fool out of myself.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" another voice said, tending to Scarlett.

Kellin Quinn. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God...!

"Hey, you're a fan!" Vic cheered, as if it was surprising for him to have fans.

"Uh... yeah..." I managed to say, so shocked.

I looked at Scarlett, to see if I was dreaming, but she was too focused on her nose. Which was gushing blood, by the way. I started feeling nauseous. 

"Hey, you okay?" Vic tenderly asked, supporting me with his arms.

I silently shook my head, biting hard on my bottom lip. I felt his questioning gaze on me, and I was just going to die. His light brown hair was sticking to his face, due to the sweat he'd produced from his amazing performance. His warm chocolatey eyes were filled with worry, as he watched me double over, chucking up my contents. Yup, too much alcohol.

"Wow, someone drank too much," he stated, helping me stand up straight.

"Come with us, we'll get you cleaned up," I heard Kellin say.

Three words.

Oh my God.

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