Warped Love

When two best friends go to Warped Tour - Scarlett and Ashley - they didn't expect to fall in love. Kellin Quinn - the lead singer of Sleeping With Sirens - and Vic Fuentes - the lead singer of Pierce The Veil - see two girls in the audience; two girls who they cannot ignore. With just two months of tour left, will they admit their feelings for each other? Falling in love with rockstars is never easy.


34. Epilogue

Ash's POV





*Five years later*


"That's, like your sixth can of Monster today," Vic laughed, taking the can from me, to take a swig.

"Hey! Give it back! I need it!" I yelled, leaning across Jaime to grab my drink from Vic.

"Yes, dear," he teased, pecking my forehead, as he handed it back to me.

I pulled an all nighter, trying to make more and more wedding plans. Yeah, Vic proposed. Hehehehe. Anyway, it was really exhausting to try and organise a wedding, when you're constantly on the road. He proposed like two years ago, but his new album, tours, and times all got in the way, to make a decent wedding. Luckily though, Vic was pretty rich, so I didn't have a budget. Every girls dream - plan a wedding with no budget.

Of course, it wasn't going to be a flashy wedding, neither of us would want that, but it would be pretty big. The ceremony was going to be in San Diego, Vic's home town, where his parents are. Then, my parents would come over from England, so we had both sides of the family. Small wedding? I think not. Our friends, which includes Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Black Veil Brides, and I think Vic even invited You Me At Six over, from the UK.

We're still not done, there's all of the bands crews, like managers and stuff, then there's our friends who aren't in bands, yeah, it's a massive wedding. We have a huge venue - the beach. Vic had always wanted to get married on the beach, so I agreed. What's better than getting married on a Californian beach? Not much.

"Do you know what today is?" Vic asked, swapping places with Jaime, so he could wrap his arm around my shoulders.

"Um... I think it's Saturday, but I'm not sure," I mumbled, frowning in confusion.

"Ash, sweetheart, it's Wednesday," he told me, concern etched on his face.

"Oh, right, yeah, pfft, I knew that," I laughed, but it soon died down, when my caffeine levels got lower.

"Anyway..." he smiled, remembering what he was originally saying, "Can you seriously not remember what we're doing today?"

For a few minutes, I pulled the most epic concentration face ever, as I thought about it, "Uh..." and it clicked, "WE'RE MEETING UP WITH SLEEPING WITH SIRENS! I haven't seen my babe in, like, a year!" 

YAY! Finally, I could see Scar again, and Justin promised me another rematch on the chubby bunny challenge. Yeah, we do this like twice a year, I win everytime. You'd think he'd learn, but nope, he practises, thinking he can beat me. Haha, that's sweet Justin.

"What time?" I asked Vic, wide eyed.

He glanced at his phone, for the time, "We should be there, in about five minutes," he smiled.

"How many months is Scar now?" I muttered to myself.

We Skype, text, and call each other everyday, still best friends, despite not seeing each other for an entire year. Anyway, she's pregnant! By then, she must be about five months into the pregnancy. Hopefully, she won't go into labour on our wedding day... That'd be... Eventful. Also, Vic and Kellin hadn't seen each other in ages, so it'd be good for them, too.

Six minutes later, we pulled up to an arena, where Sleeping With Sirens would be performing. Seeing as Pierce The Veil finished their tour yesterday, Vic organised to come over, and meet up. For some reason, I felt a little nervous, as I habitually fiddled with the engagement ring on my finger. It's silver, encrusted with clear diamonds, and inside of a clasp, there's a black diamond. On the inside of the ring, it says 'Bulletproof Love' which was really sweet, and meaningful of him.

"C'mon, Vic, hurry up!" I whined, grabbing his hand to pull him off the bus. 

Sleeping With Sirens bus was next to us, so I quickly run around, and tapped on the closed door. It opened, and I thanked the driver, before stepping onto the bus. A chest blocked my view, as Justin attacked me, in a huge bear hug. 

"Ashley!" he shouted, kissing my cheek.

"Since when do you call me Ashley?" I giggled, kissing his cheek too.

"Since you got angry at me, for calling you Ashton," he shrugged, and grabbed my hand, pulling me down the bus.

I waved a quick greeting to Jesse, Gabe, and Jack, as Justin wasn't giving me a chance to actually say hi properly. We had like a whole week, I'd get around to talking to them. I heard Vic's voice further back, probably talking to them, catching up and stuff. 

"Kellin Quinn get yo' butt out here, and bring that girl of yours!" Justin practically screamed, making my ear ring, as he was right next to me.

"I hear the voice of my bab-ay Viktur!" Kellin shouted back, in a fangirl voice. *I know it's Victor, it's just the pronunciation* 

Soon, I felt Kellin pushing past me. I turned around, to see him jumping on Vic, wrapping his legs around Vic's waist. Everyone laughed, as he planted a soppy kiss on Vic's lips. I saw him cringe, which just made everyone laugh even more. 

"Gross, man, that's my fiancée's job," he joked, putting Kellin down.

"Oh, yeah, hi Ash," Kellin spun on his heel, giving me a quick wave, before he decided to attack Jaime.

"Hold up, is my babe here?" I heard Scar shout, and some shuffling around.

"Yeah, she's here, now hurry up!" Justin whined, but then he caught sight of Jaime too, so left me, to join the love fest.

Scar appeared, looking just as tired as I felt, but her face brightened when she saw me, "Ash!"

We hugged, and sat down to talk about everything, that we didn't talk about over the phone. Glasses of champagne were handed out, except Scar had water instead. Thankfully, she gave up smoking, wanting the best for her baby. It felt like everything was finally falling into place.

"To our massive, stupid, happy family!" Kellin shouted, standing on a stool, raising his glass in the air.

"To our massive, stupid, happy family!" we all shouted back, raising our glasses too.

"And of course, to the almost newly weds," he added on, placing his hand on Vic's shoulder.

"And to almost baby Kellett," Vic smiled, putting Kellin's and Scar's names together.

"Whilst we're at it, let's just give a shout out to the Queen of England," Scar sarcastically added, also taking note on how many toasts we were making.

"To the Queen of England!" Vic and I said at the same time, giggling.

"Anyway..." Kellin continued, "No matter how stupid we are, we'll always stick together, because that's what family do," we all clinked glasses; Justin spilt a bit of his.

"If we're family... Does that make Ash and I incest?" Scar asked, once everyone was quiet.

Seriously, Scar?


Scar's POV

Yes I seriously did ask that question, much hasn't changed in the past five years. Well, some things have, like Vic and Ash being engaged, we've been going off on tour, I'm pregnant. That's probably the biggest change in my life, having le bump. Kellin has tried talking to my stomach, I thought that was creepy at first, so did the people in the restaurant. Really he was just preparing for daddyhood, my parents didn't care about me and Kellin. I haven't spoken to them for 5 years, they had pretty much disowned me. I couldn't care less though, I had a new, better family. 

"Any ideas of what you're naming the baby, #Vic," Vic joked, well actually he could've been serious. 

"Well, we've found out we're having a girl," Kellin squealed, that was meant to be a secret, great job Kells. 

"I have thought of a name," I said. I was really not involved in much of that whole conversation until everybody looked at me, even Kellin, I guess I forgot to tell him I'd thought of a name. 

"What's the name then?" Ash asked, seeming really interested.

"Jamie," I said, then the guys gave me some weird looks. Kellin seemed happy about the name though, that I was glad about. 

"Why Jamie?" Justin asked. 

"Because it reminds me of Jaime, he was my best friend throughout the whole big thing all those years ago, so yeah..." at that point Jaime had the biggest, dumbest smile on his face. 

"Best friend? Well then..." Ash said wiping fake tears from her eyes. 

"He's my guy best friend," I told her. 

"That even more mean!" She laughed *Inside joke between Teri and I* 

We'd all laughed about it and Kellin seemed quite pleased with the name, I promised Ash if I ever had a baby I'd let her pick the middle name so I did. Of course she picked her own name for the baby, so after talking to Kellin about it we decided to name the baby Jamie Ashley Quinn. That sounds cute.  I was really excited about everything now, I wanted to have Jamie before the wedding, of the maid of honour will be a whale in the making. 

"So, these past 5 years have been some what, eventful. But it's been great, and I can't wait for the new member of the family," Kellin raised his glass and said. 

"Here, here," Vic yelled. 

I've been a lot happier recently, I still suffer from depression but my bipolar is slightly better. And the future seemed hopeful, but it's been great. And nothing of that should be changed, a holiday made into a home. Yay!   


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