Warped Love

When two best friends go to Warped Tour - Scarlett and Ashley - they didn't expect to fall in love. Kellin Quinn - the lead singer of Sleeping With Sirens - and Vic Fuentes - the lead singer of Pierce The Veil - see two girls in the audience; two girls who they cannot ignore. With just two months of tour left, will they admit their feelings for each other? Falling in love with rockstars is never easy.


17. Crutches

Ashley's POV


"What's up?" Vic beamed, as he walked into my hospital room.

He always put on this happy, cheery façade, when he came to see me. As soon as he left, where Kellin would be waiting for him, he would drop the smile, and start crying. He must of thought the walls were freaking sound proof or something. Sometimes, Kellin would be crying too, but he was better at keeping himself together. 

"I'm so bored!" I whined, but I was over the moon to see him.

"It's day seven, only three more to go," he brightly replied, taking the usual seat beside my bed.

"But I miss Scar," I whined again, trying to stretch my limbs out, but failing miserably.

"Did you not hear what I said? It's day seven!" he threw his arms in the air, as if something miraculous had happened.

"So what?" I frowned.

"As if in you're allowed to get out of bed, and go down to the cafeteria, and stuff!" he cheered, and an excited look made it's way onto my face.

With the intense care of Vic, I stood up, stretching my muscles out. My ribs were hurting a lot, like a hell of a lot, but I pretended that it didn't. Vic wouldn't let me go anywhere, if he knew I was in pain. The other bonus of being up, meant I could get dressed. Vic, being the amazing boyfriend he was, brought me an outfit. It was a pair of skinny jeans, and a tee for his band. I was stupid enough not to bring anything not-skinny, so I had to do the stupid dance everyone does, to get into skinnies. 

After a lot of struggling, I got underwear on, and managed to pull my jeans up. Vic had helped me, which was excruciatingly embarrassing, but he was mature about it. The shirt seemed to be even harder, with the effort of lifting my arms above my head. Anyway, I coped, and even managed to get a pair of Vans on my feet. 

"So, where do you want to go?" Vic asked me, as I leaned against the bed for support, before I resorted to crutches. 

"To the cafeteria, I'm starving," I may have exaggerated, but I was pretty hungry. 

He smiled slightly, and handed me my crutches. They were underarm crutches, not the typical kind you see people with. I didn't have injured legs, it was just to keep my back straight, for my ribs. I guess the bruises and cuts on my legs did donate to the need. 

It was surprisingly easy to walk on crutches. Vic was by my side the whole time, so I wasn't scared. I was lost, so Vic led the way down to the cafeteria. It was at the opposite end to the reception, and it was surrounded by a couple confectionery shops. 

"Can we go see Scar, too?" I asked, waiting in the short line for food.

"Yeah, of course," Vic smiled, and I told him what to get Scar.

I just went for the same as Scar, and Vic chose for Kellin. Of course,I chose tacos, the only Mexican thing there. That was mine and Scar's favourite food, not just because of Pierce The Veil. We genuinely had an unhealthy obsession with Mexican. Actually, I kind of forced Scar to have an obsession. When we met, she was anorexic, but I was stupid enough to not realise. Then there was me, that girl who ate like an elephant, but never gained weight. Well, I was always ordering Mexican, and I basically force fed Scar, to see if she liked it, as she refused to try it. After a bit, like a month or so, she told me that because of that, I'd recovered her from being anorexic. Story of the day.

 Vic carried the food on a tray, and led the way to Scar's room. Paparazzi were outside every window, on the ground floor, and tried getting photos of us, but we tried our best to ignore them. They really just didn't get it. 

After a couple staircases, we reached it. Her room was on the same level as mine, but in a different department. It was the same suite, as well, boring, white, no TV... The look on her face when we walked in though. First, she saw, Vic, so she was happy to see him. Then, she saw the food, and her eyes lit up. Then, she saw me, and she practically screamed.

"Ash!" she yelped, beaming from ear to ear.

"Scar!" I replied, mocking her enthusiasm.

"Hey, food!" Kellin cheered.

Scar playfully rolled her eyes at him, but she was just as happy to see decent food. The food in the cafeteria was good, but the food they brought us from behind the scenes of the cafeteria wasn't so good.

"Good to see you, too, Kellin," Vic muttered, pretending to be hurt.

"Don't worry, Vic, I love you too, but food..." he joked. 

Vic rolled his eyes, and set the food down. We ate, and chatted, avoiding the topic of our injuries. Kellin had told me about Scar, and Vic had probably told her, so there wasn't anything nesseccary to tell her. 

"Ash... Ash... Are you even listening?" someone said.

"Huh?" I cocked my lip, my mouth full of taco shell.

"Wow, attractive. I asked you something," Scar replied, looking like she wanted to add a 'duh' on the end.

"What?" I mumbled, swallowing the mouthful of food.

She sighed exasperatedly, "I said, are you going on tour with Pierce The Veil?" 

"Uh, yeah," I nodded, trying to contain my ecstasy.

"Good, because I didn't want to go with Sleeping With Sirens, and then you'd rejected Vic, so you were all alone... That would make everything a bit awkward..." she bit her lip, and trailed off into her own mind.

That reminded me. I was going on tour with Pierce The Veil!

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