Warped Love

When two best friends go to Warped Tour - Scarlett and Ashley - they didn't expect to fall in love. Kellin Quinn - the lead singer of Sleeping With Sirens - and Vic Fuentes - the lead singer of Pierce The Veil - see two girls in the audience; two girls who they cannot ignore. With just two months of tour left, will they admit their feelings for each other? Falling in love with rockstars is never easy.


31. Cigarettes

Scarlett's P.O.V

After Black Veil Brides had left everyone was just sat around chatting, but Vic seemed upset. I knew he hadn't gotten over the fact that Ash practically freaked out when BVB walked in. I don't understand why he was so upset, but I felt bad for him, not being sure if the person you love loves you the same. I knew that feeling, I had known it for quite a long time. I decided I'd go outside and smoke and ask Vic to come along, hoping the others wouldn't question it. 

"I'm going outside for a cigarette, Vic do you want to come with me?" I tired to sound casual while asking him, I winked at the end just to make sure he knew I needed to talk to him. Kellin and Ash while off in their own worlds, chatting about tour next year and stuff like that. 

"Sure thing," we stood up at the same time and walked out of McDonalds. 

I strolled over to the car. I propped one foot up on Justin's car, hoping it wouldn't leave a mark. I lit my cigarette and took the first puff, it felt so relaxing and I don't know really, I just felt better. I would've forgotten Vic was there if he wan't of sighed, I perked up and then saw him open his mouth ready to tell me something. 

"Why did you ask me to come out here?" he asked. 

"I know you're upset about Ash fan girling over BVB," I said. He immediately looked down at the floor. "Do you know she loves you?" 

He didn't answer me for a second, I can't believe he actually didn't know how much Ash loved him.  I sighed deeply, then took another drag of my cigarette. A few times he seemed as if he was about to say something, and then didn't do a thing. 

"I can't believe you," I said. He looked up at me in shock, yes ladies and gentlemen, I was about to go into 'RANT' mode. "You don't honestly think Ash truly loves you? You're so idiotic! Ash is scared of her father, actually I don't mean scared, I mean terrified. He's so terrifying when he's pissed off. She's never stood up to him, or disobeyed him. If she didn't love you, she'd be running back to Cornwall!" I yelled. Okay, 'RANT' mode deactivated. 

He just stood there for moment, not saying a word. I heard him sigh a few times and I was just there like, 'In your own time Vic.' I took a few more drags from  my cigarette, knowing it was going to take a few more minutes before Vic spoke. Before Vic would've even gotten a chance of talking, Kellin and Ash ran out of McDonalds screaming and cheering. I've got no freaking clue what about though. 

"Hai," Ash said in sort of a cute way. She went straight to Vic and put her arms around his waist, giving him a tight grip and smiling. She then let go of him and came over to me, she took my cigarette from me and took a puff. She started cough-choking, I patted her back and she said she was fine. 

"Please don't take up smoking," I told her. 

"I will just as soon as you quite."

"Ugh, no fair," I whined. 

Kellin came over to me and threw the cigarette on the floor, then stomping on it. He looked disappointed for a moment, then he kissed me properly. Ash said 'awe' and I felt weird. He then said "Smoking really isn't good for you, Scar." 

"I know, but I can't just quite," I tried defending myself, but failed. 

"Please, at least try and stop. For me," 

Oh, he didn't just say that. He batted his eye lashes and pouted, the puppy look, I was dying. Right I loved smoking but he's too cute, I mean I could try. 

"Fine, just because you're really cute," I laughed. I pecked his nose and we all walked back inside.  

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