Warped Love

When two best friends go to Warped Tour - Scarlett and Ashley - they didn't expect to fall in love. Kellin Quinn - the lead singer of Sleeping With Sirens - and Vic Fuentes - the lead singer of Pierce The Veil - see two girls in the audience; two girls who they cannot ignore. With just two months of tour left, will they admit their feelings for each other? Falling in love with rockstars is never easy.


33. A Happy Ending...Ish

Scarlett's POV

After Alan left we decided to throw a 'tour bus party' in celebration of him letting Ash and Vic be together, I couldn't wait. I had picked out the perfect outfit, when I say that I mean it's stylish but comfortable in case I get too drunk and puke everywhere. I was on the SWS tour bus, the whole band was there as well. We had only 15 minutes until the party was intended to start. And I wasn't even ready, at all. I rushed into the bunks, stripping off leaving only my brand and underwear. 'Shit my make-up bag is out on the coffee table.' I though. I didn't have time to out my clothes back on, go get my make-up, then get changed. I just thought I'll just walk out there and get it, the guys wouldn't care. Besides, I sleep in my bra and underwear anyway, it'll be fine. 

So I did that, I opened the curtains and walked into the lounge bit. Immediately the whole band was staring, I was just thinking 'Really guys?' Justin wolf whistle and Kellin gave him the death glare.

"Hey Scar," Gabe said, staring blatantly. I waved.

I picked up my make-up bag from the coffee table, turned on my heel and walked back towards the curtains. But first I went over to Kellin, bent down and grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. When I pulled away he looked shocked, but in a good way. I walked back behind the curtains and I could hear the guys talking, this was slightly awkward.

"Dude...Did you see her...Wow," that sounded like Jesse. 

"Guys can you stop talking about my girlfriend's boobs?" Kellin pleaded, at least I knew which body part they meant now. 

"Sorry Kells," I knew that was Jack. "But you're one lucky man." 

I thought I might as well make it known to them that I could hear them. I opened the curtains again, they all quickly turned there heads, Justin sighed when he saw it was just my head poking out. 

"Thanks Jack," I smiled. "Oh and Jesse." 

"Yeah?" He said in a questioning tone. 

"My eyes are up here," And with that I shut the curtains swiftly, I could hear Justin laughing and Kellin as well. I smiled to myself then carried on getting changed. 

I pulled on a pair of ripped denim shorts, following that a plain white top with Billie Joe Armstrong on it. It was my favourite top, but puke came out of it easily, I'd tested it. Then I slipped into my white converse, the most comfortable shoes I owned. I then went into the bathroom and started applying my make-up. First I put on my usual thick layer of black eye liner, then mascara, a nude lip stick and blusher. I was ready, and with only 2 minutes left.

"Hey guys," I said walking back through to the lounge, I sat down next to Kellin and he put his arm over my shoulder. "Sorry about earlier."

"No problem," Jesse said. 

"Absolutely no problem at all," Gabe added in.


It was now around 09:30, and I have know clue how many beers I'd had. Kellin was hanging around with the rest of his bands including PTV, in the front of the bus. While I was in the back with Alex just chatting and stuff. I was seriously drunk, like the sort of drunk where you can do something, then completely forget a minute later. Alex seemed to be drunk but not so much so that he'd forget what he was doing. He came closer to me , as if he was about to kiss me. 

"Alex," my speech was far past slurred. "What are you doing?" 

"I'm just going to give you a kiss," He said. I couldn't reply with anything before his lips were on mine. I closed my eyes, hoping this was a weird dream. I literally felt nothing at all, it was like a bee had stung my lip. Next thing I know, the curtain flings open and it's Kellin. 

"What the f*ck are you doing, Alex," He wasn't blaming me, what? 

Before anything could even happen, Kellin leaped on Alex, pinning him to the ground and punching him repetitively. Vic suddenly tweaked to what was going on, he ran through to the back of the bus and pulled Kellin off of Alex. Alex's nose was bleeding really badly, ATL went to help him, and Kellin was kicking and screaming demanding to be let go of so, in his words, 'he could beat the sh*t out of Alex'. 

After he'd been separated from Alex and calmed down, I'd sobered up slightly and went to talk to him. I don't know if he was mad at me or Alex, it was both of our faults really. Although Alex was more sober than me, he knew what he was doing. 

"Kellin, I am so, so, so sorry," I say, tears almost falling down my face. 

"Scar, you don't have to," Okay now I was really confused. "You were smashed and Alex knew what he was doing. I know all this time you've been questioning my love for you, and I don't know how to prove to you that you're my world. Sure, I'm a celebrity and fans want to be my girlfriend, or kidnap me, that's creepy, but I chose you because I love you. I know you're insecure, but you have to believe I love you, more than anything." 

That was the sweetest thing anyone had ever said to me, but I ruined a cute couple moment. I could feel it the whole time Kellin was talking, I puked on the carpet and then passed out on the sofa.    

It was the morning after the night before, the sunshine bloody hurt my eyes as it pierce through the bus' windows. I reached over to the side, but I didn't feel Kellin's warm body that I was used to. I jumped out of the bunk, pulled on one of his shirts. I looked around the bunk and he wasn't there, I ran to PTV's bus to see if he'd be there. Ash said she didn't know where he was and I was getting worried. I quickly ran back to SWS' tour bus and got changed, then I checked the last placed I could think of, the oak tree.

I don't think I said about this, a few weeks ago after we'd got back from the hospital I was feeling really upset about what'd happened with the fans. So behind the main stage there was this filed with a large oak tree in the middle, I went and sat there crying. And Kellin came and found me, that was the one place I could think of where he'd be. 

I ran there looking around franticly. I heard something though, somebody singing it was coming from behind me and it was near. I knew it was Kellin's voice, it'd know that from a mile away. He was singing my favourite song, which I told him when we sat here together. He was singing 'Iris' for me, now I felt awful for throwing up last night. Vic was playing the guitar, that's probably why he wasn't with Ash. 

When the song was over, I was practically crying, it was so beautiful. Kellin came over to me and kissed me, making it even better. 

"Do you believe I love you now?" he smiled. 

"Of course I do," I said. "What about you and Alex?" 

"We sorted things out this morning, he helped me plan this," he explained.   

Warped was ending tomorrow and that means we'd being going on tour, Ash and I had arranged to call and text each other everyday. I wish truly happy with Kellin, not worrying about anything, I'd never been happier. I am never going to forget that holiday to America, I can't I've got Kellin as a permanent reminder. I still speak to Ash everyday and Jaime too, I made a new best friend. I tell him everything. Alex apologised and he's my friends again now, and everything was perfect really. 

That's mine and Ash's story, of how we met our favourite celebrities and fell in love with them. This is one of those cheesy romances that you watch on telly, but it's out life. I wouldn't change any part of that holiday, well I didn't like being almost killed by the fans, but I still had an amazing time. I hope you enjoyed the story of how my best friend and I had our own Warped Loves. 

A/N: That's the end :'( Teri and I will write an epilogue soon, can't leave you with nothing ;). We've enjoyed writing this so much and thank you all for reading it. I had to put the soppy ending, every love story has that :3 You guys are amazing, thank you so much! xx 


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