Because We Hurt Inside

demi and niall always had a crush on each other. and they finally start dating. but demi can't take anymore of the bullying about her weight both at school and over iMessages on her phone. she is sooo done with people treating her this way. there was also a lot of hate on nemi. demi is sooo depressed that she cuts herself and becomes anorexic. niall tries standing up for her and tries to make her feel better but nothing works.


6. The Surprise (P.O.V. Niall)

So I took Demi to go get a tattoo. That was the surprise. She walked and said, "Is this a some kind of joke?"

"No it isn't" I told her. "Remember you wanted a tattoo for a really long time?" 

"Yeah" she said."I know exactly what tattoo I want." she continued.

"Oh yeah what is it?" I asked her.

"It's actually 2 tattoos. One on each wrist. I want is to say stay strong." she said.

"That is a good idea. That way you won't be able to cut your wrists again." I said. 

She has gotten one before but I thought she could use another one. I love the stay strong idea she had. I hope she'll like how turns out.  When we were done, this is how her tattoo turned out: 


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