Because We Hurt Inside

demi and niall always had a crush on each other. and they finally start dating. but demi can't take anymore of the bullying about her weight both at school and over iMessages on her phone. she is sooo done with people treating her this way. there was also a lot of hate on nemi. demi is sooo depressed that she cuts herself and becomes anorexic. niall tries standing up for her and tries to make her feel better but nothing works.


4. School (P.O.V. Niall)

Today at school as I was walking down the hall for class when all the kids turned to one another and started whispering. All I heard was, "Where is the cry baby? She is always with Niall. Always crying on him. Did she go to the boxing center to learn how to punch people better?" Then I turned to everyone and said "All right everyone that is enough. You guys have no idea what Demi is going through right now. You guys are the people who make her cry every single day of her life. She is done with you guys making her feel like crap. So you guys just need to pipe down." 

"Oh yeah Niall. Then why did she punch Danielle yesterday?" asked the one and only bratty Emily (Loser) McKenzie. 

"She didn't mean it. She said she was sorry and Dani forgave her." I replied. 

I just kept on walking. Then Tyler McKenzie (Emily's brother) asked, "Well then where is she today?"

I was afraid to tell them and I didn't want to lie. "She is at rehab."

Everyone gasped dropped their books along with there jaws. "You mean it?" asked Tyler. "Hell yeah I mean it" I replied. 

"So when she gets back, I don't want anyone of you to bully the poor girl. She never did a thing to you so you don't have to make her feel like she is worthless."

"She is worthless." said Emily.

"Why do you guys bully her anyways?"

"I don't know. Because she's famous and we're jealous." said Kendyll Damon.

"Well that is a stupid reason." I told her. 

"There is only 8 people in this school that don't bully her. Out of a thousand people that is barly any. So you be nice or we can report you." Perrie threatened as her and Zayn were walking up. 

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