Because We Hurt Inside

demi and niall always had a crush on each other. and they finally start dating. but demi can't take anymore of the bullying about her weight both at school and over iMessages on her phone. she is sooo done with people treating her this way. there was also a lot of hate on nemi. demi is sooo depressed that she cuts herself and becomes anorexic. niall tries standing up for her and tries to make her feel better but nothing works.


1. P.O.V. Demi

I storm into my room with tears running down my cheeks. My makeup is staining my eyes and I can't see a thing. I look for my favorite piece of glass. I go into my closet and hide from the world. I hate my life so much. All I  want to do is die. I wanna be in a better place. A better world. A better life. I take my glass to my wrist and make another slice in my arm. It hurts so bad but I love the pain. I haven't had food in weeks. But I feel like I'm getting fatter. My boyfriend Niall, comes into my house and yells out my name. I just wanna hide in my tight closet forever and ever. I'm so ashamed of myself. I'm ugly. I'm fat. And I don't deserve a life. Niall comes into my room and opens the closet I'm hiding in. He sees the blood stains on the carpet and my clothes. "What the heck do you think your doing? Get out of there and let me clean you up." He makes me feel so much better. But I still can't get over all this bullying. I'm done. I wanna curl up in a hole and die. But that is just my life. Welcome to the world of Demi Lovato. "What were you doing in the closet Demi?"

"Do you promise not to tell anyone?'

"I promise." 

"Well Niall, I cut myself again."

"Demi!!!!!!! Why? Why do you do this to yourself? You skin isn't paper so don't cut it. How long have you cut yourself. I need to know." 

"I've been cutting since I was 11. And yes I know that my skin isn't paper."

"Ok. Then why do you cut?" 

"It takes me to another world. I know it may hurt really badly but I love the pain. It also shows how ashamed I am of myself. I hate myself so much. I'm ugly. I'm fat.''

"First off you are not ugly or fat. Second off I'm not ashamed of you. I love you very much."

"I love you too my dear and you make me feel better."

"Should we go eat. I'm starving and can we go to Nando's?"

"Niall you know I don't eat. I haven't had food in 2 weeks."

"Ok Demi. I'm going to force you to eat. Your starving and its killing me just to see you this way."

"Ok Niall you win. I will eat I promise.''

"Thank you!"



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