You said you loved me.

"Paige" never used to get attention off boys, since she changed her apperance and become a little more confident. This is when her first mature relationship occoured and things started to kick off between her and her boyfriend "Danny", little did she know, Danny wasnt the type of boy she fell in love with.


2. what happened?

After time and time again seeing things all over facebook on how he was speaking to another girl, it really got to me. It hurt me inside. Do you know what I mean? that feelings of your heart just dropping, the lowest it could possibily go. That heart breaking moment when you know you arent going to get them back.

But then something I did not expect to happen happened. I was walking in my home town with a friend. I saw him in a distance. This is when i broke down crying. It was the first time i had ever seen him in flesh and I knew I had such strong feelings for him.

He was with the girl he has been speaking to. The one he "Loved"..

After a few days of seing him he messaged me out of the blue.

" Do you hate me?"

I read it but didnt reply.

"Please answer me.."

i replied with "whos this?"

Things started to carry on and he explained seeing me out made him realise that he missed me and the only reason he did start to even speak to another girl is because, well i actually dont know, he never told me.

We finally started speaking, but this then started to cause problems with me and the other girl.

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