You said you loved me.

"Paige" never used to get attention off boys, since she changed her apperance and become a little more confident. This is when her first mature relationship occoured and things started to kick off between her and her boyfriend "Danny", little did she know, Danny wasnt the type of boy she fell in love with.


1. What do you think.

"Boys will be boys", haha you've got that right. I dont see the point in relationships? what are they? why do people feel the need to spend their life with someone else, when unlike others you could just have a life of your own. Free house, my own food, privacy, everything. Why can't it be like that instead of silly little childish boys breaking my heart.

My name is Paige and I'm 15 years old. I used to be a right geeky girl in school, not to mention how I look. I used to get picked on a lot within school hours and even out and about around locally. Now that im in my last year of school, which is year 11, I have changed and grown massivley throughout my school years. The fact that i changed, mainly my apperance, people got the impression that I was so called "Stuck up" and that I looked down on everyone that passed by, when in all honesty my attitude had just changed and I became more confident with the way I looked.

Not trying to brag, but i started to get a little attention off the boys locally and boys throughout facebook and social networking sites, still local though. This then impacted on other girls and I started to get a lot of hate over social networking sites and face to face around my local town where I live.

I had always wanted a relationship within someone, I never really had that connection with anyone else.

I started speaking to this boy, only over Facebook messaging service. Are conversations we more like "Hey<3", "Hello<3", "How are you?:')<3", "Im fine thanks:')<3."

We then got closer and stronger and started speaking everyday, at this time we had never even met, just seen eachother around, but had never spoke in person. By this time I knew that I liked this boy and his name was "Danny"

We planned to meet after a month of flirty messages. When the day arrived I was so so scared, I didnt want to go, what happened if he didnt like me? what happenes if he didnt like my apperance? if he hated me? and never spoken to me again?. So so silly of me, I didnt reply to him all day and left it and made a load of excuses to try and get out of the fact that I was too scared to go and meet him.

Months past by and we still hadnt met, He got pissed of several times. It was so hard, he wanted to meet and I was holding him back..

Months and months past and I found out he was speaking to another girl, and he promised me he wouldnt because he told me he had feelings for me. But hey ho thats boys for you. they lie, well most. It broke my heart, he told me there was no point in trying and started to ignore me.

Everyday I used to listen to his cute video he sent me say "I love you, I'll never leave", mainly at night and used to cry myself too sleep.

I felt used, no boy had ever treated me this way before. I felt nothing, nothing to him anymore.

"I quess i'll have to move on" I said too myself.

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