Ok, I forgot to explain this. This is basically a book which I just write my feelings in. sometimes the chapters will be long, sometimes short. Depends on how much i need to let out


2. Tell me.

They always say not to worry.

Always tell me, that I should be fine.

I mean, it's just another guy... right?


But what they don't know, is that my best friend likes him.

That he is off limits.

That no matter how much I think I know him better,

He is still hers.


She has him you know.

She asked him out.

I don't know the answer.

I don't want to.


Because if they go out,

my heart will break.

And if they don't?

Her heart will break instead.

but he would never like me.


I'm a freak, i'm irritable.

I'm ugly,

The only boys that will ever date me are the one's who aren't good enough.

Not good enough for the reality of the world anyway.


So tell me.

He wouldn't like me.

Not even when he tries to cheer me up.

Or makes jokes, then laughs with me.

Or almost sticks up for me, but then shrinks away.


I mean, he's popular.

I'm the leader of my free society.

My life, my friends.

We are the neutrals.

The ones who fee like they aren't ever good enough.

But they are beautiful, even if they can't see it.


He's in his clique.

He's the jock type, the one who treats sports like it's his life.

Plays soccer everyday, and smiles at the hint of exersice.

But he still has time, to think about the nerdy girl.

Still tries to help me when I'm down.


Not too much,

But like a friend.

He helps and laughs with me,

And I sit here now.

How can I tell him,

When I can't anymore?


My friend told him she likes him,

Straight to his face.

It was that lesson,

that the invisible tears started to race.


I realised I liked him,

But I haven't told anyone.

I like him. I LIKE HIM.

I've known him, for years.

Longer than her.


But I'm fine.

I'll get over it right?

I'll get over him.


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