It's Too Cold For Angels To Fly

Gabby is your everyday 19 going on 20 year old girl, right? Wrong. She is abused, unloved, and worst of all, in love with a stranger. But when an accidental Skype call turns her whole world around, this angel's world will get completely different.


10. Your Friends Can't Save You

Gabby's P.O.V.:

I felt my phone vibrate as we sat there in silence. I looked down to see that I had several calls from a restricted number. "What's wrong, babe?"


"A restricted number keeps calling me. Should I be scared?" Louis gave me the 'are you friggin kidding me' look. "Of course you should be scared! I would be if I got several calls from a creeper."


"Louis, you don't know if its a creeper. It could just be a prank call."

"I say, if it calls again, answer it."

"Okay, Louis." We sat there and laughed for a few hours until my phone started ringing. "Would you please excuse me?" I walked off into my room and sat on my bed. I answered and put it on speaker phone, making sure I heard their message clearly. "This is an automated voice message from ***-***-****. The message says...'I know where you live, but you won't be living for long. Be prepared, pretty girl. Your friends can't save you.' This message will repeat itself." I sat there in tears have my usual panic attack, but this time, it felt different.


Niall's P.O.V.:
It's been almost a half hour since she left. I wonder what's going on in there? "I'll be right back." I jumped up and ran into Gabby's room to see her having a panic attack in her bed, but this time the tears were falling harder than usually. "Laura! Get in here!" I heard footsteps behind me and saw Louis stand in the door-frame as Laura and I tried to calm her down. Under her, I could hear someone on the other line of her phone. I picked it up and took it off speaker phone. I held it up to my ear and heard the unthinkable. She wouldn't be living for long. It repeated and I wrote down the number. I called it and had no answer. Laura was whispering in Gabby's ear, slowly calming her down. She sat up and fell into my arms. "I'm scared. What if they actually come and get me?"


"Gabs, they won't. I promise."

"Just please don't leave me alone." She sounded even worse when she spit out those six words. "I'm always here for you."

Louis's P.O.V.:
What is going on? I put the phone up to my ear and heard what everyone was scared of. I knew it was a creeper. "Gabby, we'll protect you. You don't to be afraid."


"Can I just be alone with Niall for a moment?"

"Sure, we were just leaving anyway. Come on Laura."

"Coming. It's okay, they won't hurt you if you have Niall with you."

"Thanks Laura. See you guys." Gabby got up and hugged us, but she was shaking terribly. I lead Laura out and got into the car. "Laura, does Gabby usually freak out like that?"


"Yeah. She actually some sort of anxiety disorder. I've been through them all, ever since the beginning. When she feels comfortable, she'll tell you about everything. It took her at least 5 years to tell me everything."


"You guys are actually like sisters. How long have you known each other?"

"She moved here from Ireland when she was 10. She was pretty awkward, and so was I, so we got along. We've been friends since."

"That's sweet, but she seemed pretty outgoing back there."

"Yeah, let's go. I'm starving." We drove off, but it was quiet. A little too quiet.

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